Even if you only smoke a few cigarettes a day, why do you feel so bad when you try to quit?

Nicotine creates a biochemical reaction in your body that has an immediate effect on your mood, your ability to reason, and your metabolism. The more that you smoke, the higher level of chemical dependency will be reached. Light smokers can also become just as dependent on cigarettes because of nicotine’s psychological impact. In this way it can affect moods and feelings in certain situations.

Is this “The only one of enemy” of smokers?

Yes, in fact nicotine will drive you crazy if you not put some of them in your body system (if you are smoker), damaging effect of this even greater than other substances in cigarette. Other substances will be damage our system but not damage our behavior.

So, how to fight this crazy biochemical reaction in smoker body system?

Many methods could be deal with this. But, the best method is to use our body to clean itself. Why I think this the best method? I believe that our body is the best equipment and the best partner to do this. Our body system is the most complicated system in the world. Why do we use this to achieve our entire goal, including stop smoking?

Some “mind twisting” method could be added to achieve automatic and fun method. Don’t under estimate your body capability to help you quit smoking. If you have proven method you can be Quit Smoking for good even you are “Die Hard Smoker”. I will be very glad to hear you achieve excellent in your life. Why not start with banish smoking habit?

For You Live!

Author's Bio: 

Ron White is owner of www.QuitSmokingWithoutDrug.com and author of Quit Smoking In 5 Steps - Plain and Fun. He is a "Die Hard" Smoker who finally quit without use any drugs.