I’m posing this questions, as I sit here at 1:00am, to bring some thoughts into form.

What does keep you up at night? For most, stress is the big factor. Stress about work, finances, relationships, family, what do I do with my life now. Any of this hitting home? We fight to stay in bed and sleep! We have to get up in the morning and perform our usual rituals. If we don’t get enough sleep, we’ll feel useless during the day.

What if I could help you to ease what it is that is keeping you up at night, with a few simple suggestions?

First, instead of fighting to go back to sleep - get up! No need to toss and turn, your chattering mind will not have it.

Second, get out paper and something to write with - no, do not go and turn the tv on! Believe it or not, the middle of the night is the best time to connect with yourself. You can get a lot of clarity to what ever is going on if you just sit with yourself and unload! Write down all that is on your mind, every detail.

Third, look at what you have written. How many things are you, in some way, fearful of? Look at all the “what ifs” you have just written down.

Fourth, take these fears one at a time. What do they mean for you in your life? As that goes through your mind - write - uncensored and unfiltered. What are you discovering? How much is made up? How much is imposed on to you by someone else - in some way shape or form?

Fifth, here’s the big one! Ready? Take what you have written in number four…step back and now become an observer to this question and ask yourself…”What is the worst that could happen?” Now what comes up?

When we give ourselves a chance to break these thoughts down into a simpler form, remove the filters and then ask,”What’s the worst that could happen” - as an observer, not a participant, we can see things/circumstances/situations for what they really are. We can create such drama in our lives that we put up wall after wall. Take the wall down, bit by bit and you can start to see what is beyond it, in a new and clearer light.

Honor this time with yourself - even if it does seem like a god-awful time - you will not regret it. And, you will wake up with a fresher mind. Believe it or not, you won’t even feel that tired.

Next step…sleep! Sweet dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Life Clarity Expert Christine Laureano helps people who are at a crossroads to focus and achieve their next step.

For the past 20 years, Christine has helped women, men and teens to discover their voice and to honor their progress through dramatic life shifts and challenges. She shares the keys to standing tall and feeling empowered, while helping clients retain poise and grace.

Through her own life transformations and experience, Christine taps into her past career as Corporate Sales Executive for Fortune 500 Companies, marketing consultant, parent and life coach to help her clients connect with their inner goals and life path. She helps people to redefine their sense of value and recapture their own personal character and power, and supports clients to gain a powerful sense of insight and strength.