What is meant by Jesus and the Seven Paths?..A question which forms debate but is one that also will force more questions and as many arguements. We can argue over 'rights of way' when it comes to crossing someones' land but we cannot argue with the Angels who gave us our explanation of what the Seven paths exist for.
Some religions impress on us that if we do not rigidly follow a given order then we can never expect to become one with God at the gates of entrance to his kingdom. This is not true..a believer in different faiths from others will find that whichever one of the seven paths we walk wearily along we will all meet the same God at the end of any of those Seven paths.

Path One, Path Two and Path Three: The Three main religions walk these journies. Although men and women can be intolerent of either of the other two Religions the fact is that they believe in one God and as so accept all his creations and are as so, very much alike and have much in common. God does not seperate them by a name or act he calls them all his children only we mere mortals dare create our own 'sect' or name or symbol of being different. Have tolerence because we have a long time together in Eternity.

Path Four:It is with no great shock that mainstream religions are becoming tolerent of other ways of serving men and womens' souls from their long practiced methods and by way of example is the issue of Spiritual Healing. This Path is an interesting one because it teaches us lessons and Spiritual development by means so far misunderstood. Path Four contains travellers with much to offer each other and all for the greater benefit of mankind..the Holistic practitioner and teacher, The Angel Therapist, The Reiki expert, The Goddess worshipers, The Earth Nature worshipers, The Magician, The Holy Men and Women and all others within these groups. They have a path because they ultimately although using different methods and acts believe in the Creator. They are not foolish they are aware no matter what beliefs they have there is a creator that in creating all living things created their focus of worship. For this they will see the Gates of Gods Kingdom as long as their chosen worship does not break the fundamental rule which is not harming bodies, minds or souls.

Path Five: One of the longest paths because there is much too see of the creator's work. Those of Budha, Hindu, Shiek, Eastern Monks, Tibeten Wise men and all those religions not aforementioned that teach and practice peace, love and tolerence and live by the universe again acknowledged as having a creator. Some will be sent back to the beginning of the path as there is more to learn before entrance to a creators' kingdom.

Path Six: This path is interesting for the diversity of it's travellers. What of the misguided who think they can knock on doors and use fear against vulnerable people of young, old, infirm and mentally ill. These are those, These travellers harbour delusions and false witness that they or their local sect can determine the entrance to God's Kingdom through their mortal selfs and be a saviour. This is displeasing to God. These interpret the Bible to fit into their misguided beliefs and even insult Jesus and the partaking of Bread and Wine by excluding the Blood of Christ to save others which is in all of mortal humanity. Others demand part of wages from humble people. Thereby God is displeased with these.
Because God is so Gracious he sets but one obstacle upon Path Six which will turn away those that maintain these ways of mis-gu1dance and allow to pass those that take up the offer to change and live with pure heart putting none asunder or pressure to follow them.

Path Seven: BEHOLD THE GREATEST OF ALL SEVEN PATHS..This path is flanked by three paths either side. Along this path walk God's Agents..his Angels and uppermost Holy men devoted to purity. Their role is to continually monitor the other Six paths to ensure only those of being worthy arrive at the Gate and destination. This path resembles Jacob's Ladder in Function. It is the occupants of this path that ensure the words known to all 'In seventh Heaven" found its way to our language. Blessed are the travellers of this path..from Serephim to Cherub...so be the word of our Creator.

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