SomaVeda™ Integrated Traditional Therapies; Traditional Thai Yoga and Medical Massage Program

It is more than using a little of this and a little of that! Traditional energetic based systems such as TCM, TTM, Homeopathy, Native American Medicines and Western Medicines such as Allopathy, Osteopathy Psychology etc. have long been portrayed as being completely at opposition with one another. This has been basically true to the present time. However, it is now possible for us forward thinking individuals to beat our swords we have been using to denigrate and compete with each other into the plowshares which will create the optimum environment for many types of healing experience for our clients.

As we move away from a place where the definition of wellness and health is the "absence of disease", we will explore a model which portrays the human patient as a complete whole. Body, mind and spirit cannot be taken or considered as separate unrelated parts of us. We separate them only as mental exercise, for in reality they are one. They are variations in perspective more or less evident as one looks at a person from different angles of viewpoint and prejudice. Their functions and existence overlap and are interdependent, synergistic and sympathetic to a degree such as we only begin to suspect. The body, the mind and the spirit working together create the instrument by which our very soul is manifest and able to interact and to communicate with the material word and the universe of which we are a part. In oriental medicine humans are described as being "conduits" between the twin powers of the Celestial influences and energies of Heaven and the terrestrial influences and energies of the Earth. We are how the Heavens feel wet grass between the toes and how the earth sees the stars. Native Americans simply say "Mitakoe Oyasin" (Lakota), "We are all relatives". This infers we are living constituents of all life and related to all life in some way directly.

It is only when we begin to see the energetic potential and the physical manifestations of this potentiality as expressed, that we are "seeing" the real person. There is no such thing as a body apart from the energy and vitality which animates and communicates through it. The Tibetan's say our body is "a perfected manifestation" of our consciousness. Take a corpse for example. No matter how intact or whole or complete, we find a corpse. Resembling a live person in merest form only; the corpse bares a superficial resemblance which diminishes immediately and continues to diminish until the corpse returns to the earth from which it was originally borrowed. We cannot isolate any of the various qualities and energies which live humans manifest apart from the physical body. We call these qualities "Life", and traditional healing medicines have sought to define the nature of this Life force as various energies and qualities of spirit.

In the creation of this new and vital way of health, we will focus on the body as a dynamic vehicle with qualities of life and spirit which create together a matrix of energy. This matrix of energy encourages matter to coalesce in a particular way. The end result of this coalescing of matter will be the manifestation of a human being with various attributes evidencing that which makes it up.

1. Shen: The spiritual essence of being. This is the fundamental or vital elixir which calls forth for the creation of life, ultimately manifesting as men and women; the soul.

2. The Matrix Body: Existing as a pure energy field. A field with characteristics common to electromagnetic energy, but of a suspected; but yet to be defined frequency. This Matrix Body is the energetic framework which our visible body emulates. I say to a degree, because the matrix body, per se, is governed by properties of vibrations, and such has universal qualities exceeding the limitations of time and space as we commonly know it. Astrology for example is an attempt to reconcile the observance of these universal properties. The construction of this Matrix Body has been better known and described in mans past history than in resent times. For example in the ancient Indian Sanskrit language, the English word "Prayer" can literally be defined as many as 64 different ways. The vocabulary to even describe sublime principles is lacking in the west. Perhaps to paraphrase Lao Tsu, from the "Dao De Jing" commonly called the "Tao", "language cannot encompass, all that there is". However we do have some information and there have been left for us clues. With these "clues" and traditional teachings we use our own intuitions as the ancients did, as well as our modern intelligence to re-invent, co -create the present understanding. We bring the "Science of Life" to the knowledge and awareness of mankind at a time when it is needed the most. Chi or Prana are the qualities we most associate with the Matrix Body. The medium, qualities and elements associated with the manifestation of Chi and Prana are the energetic anatomy and physiology of Meridian's, Sen, Prana Nadi, Chakra, Acupoints, Channels, vessels, Five Elements, Yin/ Yang and all of the like.

3. The M.E.I.S. Body: The Mental, Emotional, Instinctive and Sexual body. The MEIS body is created out of the interaction between the Matrix body, the Shen or spiritual essence and the Tangible Physical Body (TPB) (the sum of our material parts) and the reality of the environment in which the triad comes into existence. What we know of as personality and psychology of a person is generated here and reflected in the mirror of the Tangible Physical Body (TPB) also known as the Somatic Body. More than this, physical reality may also impart to, or communicate through the MEIS body is various ways. The communication is eventually found reflected in each higher body in turn. We say that the Somatic body is the subconscious mind. It is where the personality and psychology of a persons mind. The Somatic body is the end result of the process beginning with the Shen, Matrix and MEIS bodies interacting with the closest stellar bodies we know of as Sun, Moon and Earth. On a relative scale of vibrational frequency, the Somatic body is the lowest and slowest of all the various bodies. This idea also brings to bear the concept of "We are Many". We call the composite the "Great" body or "Somata Magnifica". We in fact are composed of many overlapping representations of energy, material and frequency which composite for form "I" or "Us". This is appropriate; from the beginning of creation our Great Body has been transforming higher vibrations of one order to lower and transmuting lower vibrations of one order to a higher.

The TPB is the repository and storage bank for the MEIS body. It is also a material mirror or tangible image reflecting the MEIS's organization. As such we say the TPB is the subconscious mind. It is why the personality constructs and psychology reside.

The construction of the TPB is well understood and documented in the biological sciences and well known through the study of anatomy and physiology of western medical science. However, no current A& P text describes the functions and components of the human body in relation to its more esoteric, energetic aspects. These are the aspects and qualities which more or less relate to the MEIS body, the Matrix body and the Shen, Astral, spirit or essence being of a person. No clear descriptions of functions will be considered complete until all of these relationships are addressed individually and in a holistic fashion. The need is to examine the role of each component, looking for additional clues as to their place and role in the ray of creation. Enneagram studies may provide a resource for understanding many of these processes and functions of the human organism.

SomaVeda™ is a way of life originating out of a great compassion for the suffering of human beings and belief that through a greater understanding of ourselves we might in the end be of some value. SomaVeda™ is therapy in the broadest sense of the word and not meant to be taken strictly in the sense of rehabilitation. It borrows and integrates concepts and applications from the world’s great traditions of health and healing such as Indian Ayurveda, TCM, TTM, Native American, and Naturopathy. There is no restriction or limitation to the concept of recovering ground or function that has been lost. We explore breaking the common limitations and boundaries on our existence through the medium of healing work. We come before the seemingly insurmountable walls of our paradigms regarding life, health, consciousness, energy and capacity with a conscious perspective. The reason why rehabilitation of disability, injury or trauma is so difficult is that we do not understand what our normal is. Our views of ourselves are fragmented at best. How can a science or an art of health truly hope to re-establish harmony, balance and function when these concepts are not understood correctly if at all? Our western science is only just now beginning to admit to the possibility that there might be other less tangible factors in the physical health of a person other than their specific pathologies! This has been understood and there is evidence of this understanding since time immemorial. It is only in the current age of man that this understanding is not generally available.

The very idea of the energetic makeup of a person should not be an esoteric concept. There exists many different likely avenues which are capable of producing, transferring and carrying or transporting the various forms of energy ascribed to the body. Or as we look at the equation the many simultaneous, overlapping and integrated bodies.

The ancient Vedic scriptures for example, made reference to "350,000" Prana Nadi four thousand years ago. The people of Thailand and surrounding areas, in their traditional scriptures relate how 72,000 lines of energy within the body, referred to as Sen, were distilled into a network of 10 primary lines. The Ancient Chinese culture produced documents and teachings used for thousands of years, with similar function. They came up with 12 primary channels and 2 extra-ordinary vessels called Meridian's. They also went further with theories incorporating Transverse Subcutaneous Muscle channels (Fascia?), muscle channels, and connecting vessels. All of these things attempts to reconcile direct observation of "Non-physical" phenomenon of the body.

In one sense we have not seen the forest for the trees as westerners. Western researchers have been trying for many years to locate some set of nerves or other mechanism relative to, or similar to what is being described as Meridian's, Nadi, Sen Etc. One such researcher was Dr. Robert O. Becker MD. Former head of research for the Veterans administration USA; he postulated and actually demonstrated the existence of what he called a DC Potential Field or Morphogenesis Field, which would allow for the possibility of acupuncture as a valid concept , even from the point of view of western science. He postulated this field operates as a control system through semi-conduction. A phenomenon only just now being researched and understood relative to its application to living organisms. Other researchers have brought to bear the magnetic field theories, demonstrating the bodies ability to internally produce electrical, magnetic fields and EMF (Electro-Motive Force).... even variations of fields of varying intensity and polarity relative to specific organs! Western Science, which has been so quick to criticize traditional theories and methodologies based upon them, is itself only in the last few years developing technologies and understandings to substantiate what the traditional cultures claimed to know and experience several thousand of years ago. These ancient cultures developed these understanding, not using sophisticated technologies but their abilities of intuition and observation!

We are in a unique position in that at the present time, probably for the first time in history of mankind, we have both. Access to traditional concepts, understandings and methodologies and the modern western sciences understanding and view of things! Not to mention that we at the same time live in the most precarious time relating to variety and severity of health issues altogether.

The watch words and concepts for SomaVeda™ are respect for traditional concepts and lineage, complementation, integration, application, mastery, community, puja and compassion.

The full SomaVeda™ Program is an HHP or Holistic Health Provider Diploma Program encompassing from 2170 to almost 3000 hours of Training and certification. The SomaVeda™ program is accredited and recognized by many national and international bodies and authorities.

There are basically 3 types of educational paths currently available.

1) The SomaVeda™ CTP (Certified Thai Practitioner, 200 hour, month long intensive offered 3 to 4 times per year http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com/pages/ctp/m_pract_RH_sep08.html

2) The SomaVeda™ TCP, (Certified Teacher Certification Program (800 hours.)

3) SVHHP (2200 to 3000 hours program with major class work in USA, Thailand and Kerla India!). SomaVeda™ HHP Diploma graduates are approved to sit for the ANCB national boards for Traditional Naturopathy. For information and a complete description of the SVHHP or SomaVeda™ Holistic Health Provider Diploma Program, please visit: http://www.ThaiYogaCenter.Com/pages/hhp/hhp_curriculum.html

Author's Bio: 

Aachan James studied, taught and apprenticed under the former grandmaster Aacharn Sintorn Chaichagun at the Shivagakomarpaj Traditional Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai Thailand from 1988 to 1995. He maintained a working relationship and adjunct faculty status with Grand Master Sintorn and "The Old Medicine Hospital" until Grand Master Sintorn's passing in 2005. Aacharn James formally founded The International Thai Therapists Association in 1992 as an authorized representative and as a branch of both the Buddhai Sawan and Buntautuk Shivago lineages. In 2006, he was granted Aacharn and Master Instructor status through the Anantasuk system, recognized by the Wat Po Association. He specializes in Thai medical theory, Asian history, and Theravada Buddhism.