Ten things a millionaire taught me

Not long ago, I made fair money. In fact I have made pretty good incomes for most of my adult life. Great pay is fine but being a millionaire is better. So, here I sit finally within spitting distance of becoming a millionaire. I have finally found some great ways to accelerate my income, making my goal of becoming a millionaire a near term event.

If you are like me, you are asking yourself, right now; what changed? Well a few years back I decided to meet some millionaires. It seemed that the ones in the books were leaving important pieces out of the story. As a result, I never could seem to advance beyond just a well paid guy. But then I got the idea to get to know some millionaires, and even one billionaire. What they told me blew my mind, set me on a course of success that is better than anything I could have ever imagined.

I have decided to share those lessons, right here;

These are the 10 things a millionaire (s) taught me.

1. Spend less than you make

2. Make more than you spend by a long shot

3. Earn your money at a fast rate - this will buy your time back

4. Act fast - If you get into the habit of acting quickly you will get opportunities that most people miss out on because of the "wonder while I ponder" disease

5. Create something

6. Sell something - get good at this and your journey will be easier

7. Learn, respect, and apply systems that can make you money

9. Own your time!!! You cannot get rich as an employee (mutually funds and 401K vehicles make you yesterday rich, not right now rich)

10. Own your own business, even if it is a small business

This advice is so powerful and yet so simple. The problem is that while it is simple, it is not easy. I remember when I left my above average paying job, with the benefits, and free car. People looked at me as though I was being irresponsible. The truth is that knowing what I know, and staying put would have made me careless and irresponsible.

I bought into an Internet marketing business (less than $1000.00 and never looked back). This simple little act helped me remain true to the 10 items on the list. I spent very little, I own something, I do indeed sell something and I make exceptional money when I do. Because I leverage the power of the Internet make my money at much faster rate than when I was an employee. I am plugging into a system. It is the system laid out above.

To find out more about what these millionaires taught me and how to apply it to your future. You may review the following resources:


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Marc Golden is a leading National Business Trainer. He helps people from all over the country start businesses. His primary areas of focus are Internet Businesses and Marketing.

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