Yes, I spoke to two people today, one man and one woman and I suddenly realised that one of the things both men and women do is take it all too seriously!

The girl I spoke to is at a great time of her life, the world is literally her oyster, she is free to go wherever she wants, do whatever she pleases and spend time with whoever she likes BUT like so many of us she didn't see it that way and so she was in worry, doubt, regret, sadness, unforgiveness and holding onto a past relationship...all this giving her emotional and physical pain....

So what happened? well after only a few questions about what this was costing her (and of course the answer was 'everything she'd ever wanted) about the signals she is giving off (this was never going to attract anyone, clients or men!) and probably most importantly the question...why would she do this to herself on a consistent basis.... (of course the answer is I have absolutely no clue) a miracle occurred!

The breakthrough happened, the sun came out and she began to laugh at herself and the state she had got herself into when she realised that she was getting something from this 'issue', she was safe in 'her problem', she knew she had become an expert at beating herself up.... and then suddenly she knew it was over and that what she really wanted was to wake up excited about life, inspired by her work, showing up as a fun person to be around, happy inside herself and who knows a new romance... soon?

But the how? simple - she realised its just about letting go, changing focus, caring for herself like at no other time in her life, surrounding herself with things she loves.... the list was endless....

So is it true that we can all have what we want? Tony & I believe the answer is, Yes definitely! if you don't take yourself too seriously, don't get wound up in your problems and you do have fun!!

So if you are in the mire, or stuck, or waking up each morning with a weight on your shoulders, in limbo, or with a gut renching pain in your stomach....

Get in touch quick... we can help... we understand AND even more importantly we will help you by asking questions that will help YOU make the changes you need to make to stop this pattern now, and to have the feelings, fun, passion and love in your life that you want and deserve.

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Love Nicki Vee x

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P.S. The guy I spoke to today was having a completely different experience and guess what same symptoms! stress, worry, anxiousness, sleeplessness.... so same solution.... once he understood and accepted his pattern he knew what to do! he put himself first, took action and had a long term plan.... and got an excellent result... his energy changed immediately and the effect on his woman was miraculous.... he had been making one of the 7 Big Mistakes... are you?

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