Working as a medical intuitive I regularly speak with people who suffer from mysterious ailments that resist either diagnosis or treatment. In a significant number of those cases I find evidence of a torn aura. In those cases, repairing the aura usually yields dramatic improvements and allows traditional treatments to function effectively.

An aura is nothing other than the layer of electromagnetic energy emitted by our bodies that is closest to our physical bodies. It has no definite boundaries and can best be compared to the corona of the sun, the area closest to the sun where the solar energy is at its most dense.

A healthy aura performs at least two functions and to understand them easily let’s consider a scuba diver’s wetsuit. A good wetsuit keeps the diver’s body heat inside their bodies and also protects their skin from getting cut by sharp stones or coral should they bump into them. A normally functioning aura does the same. It helps keep the energy we generate through our metabolism inside our own bodies, thus maintaining a healthy high energy state, and shields us from sharp thought forms such as anger, sadness etc. that are emitted by the people in our vicinity.

I see auras easily, so for me it’s no problem to notice a torn aura. But how can other people know whether their aura is torn? Here are some warning signs that point towards a torn aura.

One of the most important warning signs of a torn aura is uncontrollable empathic abilities that seem to occur without the will of the person experiencing them. Everyone can be empathic, but people with a torn aura have no choice. By empathic, I mean that a person senses or knows what people near them are feeling. A case in point would be if a person with a torn aura were to spend time in a crowd, they can be overwhelmed by random feelings that don’t seem to be directly related to the reality of their current situation.

A second warning sign that often accompanies a torn aura is anxiety, especially in a crowd. Related to the anxiety is a sense of being vulnerable, of not being safe except when alone. There is a constant sense that Life isn’t safe.

A third warning sign often experienced by people with a torn aura is depression, a sense that we don’t have as much energy as we once used to, a lack of usual stamina, a flat-lining of the emotions often accompanied by a need to sleep more than usual.

The fourth warning sign that points to a torn aura is the repeated failure to benefit from energy work such as pranic healing, reiki, EFT, homeopathic remedies etc. There is almost always a short term benefit, but the benefit never seems to last.

The second, third and fourth warning signs often accompany a torn aura but can occur for other reasons as well. The first however, is a strong indicator of a torn aura. When coupled with other warning signs, an aura system examination is strongly recommended.

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Matt, an expert in the Mind/Body connection, is a Medical Intuitive and distance healer with over 20 years experience working with a global client base. He can be contacted at