The first quarter of Year 2008 has gone. Thank God you`ve made it so far (many could not). What do you intend achieving this year? Is it still business as usual for you? Have you achieved any of the Resolution you made concerning the year yet? If not, then you still have over 7 months left to Arise and Shine.

What is a Vision? A Vision could be, “an idea or picture in your imagination”, “a dream”, “the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence”.As you take a step in setting a Vision, you may need to consider the following as a guide:

Setting your Vision is a Personal thing - You are responsible for your Vision. Vision should be Purposeful so it could fulfills its mission. Your Vision must be Practical - it should meet a relevant need. It must be Possible to achieve. It must be Parallel - should compliments your Passion and Personality. Vision must be Portable - so you can control it. Your Vision must be Powerful. In order for it to get results, your Vision must be Profitable. It should be Pleasurable - this brings fulfillment and Satisfaction.

However, when it comes to fulfilling a Vision, you need a personal encounter with God. You need to be inspired, led, guided and mentored by Him. Why? Because with God, all things are possible - Read Proverbs 3:5-6

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Olurotimi Adebanjo is a graduate of Accounting. He also has an MBA in Marketing Management.He is an Associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered). Associate member, Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria. He has over 15 years experiece in Audit, Accounting, Finance and Administrative duties.

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