One little talked about method of achieving instant greatness is sex transmutation.

A few years back, if you had of asked me what sex transmutation was, I would have stared at you with a gloomed look on my face. Thankfully after reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he devotes an entire chapter to this magical ability.

Sex energy is the strongest energy a man or woman can create within our bodies. Almost all of us use this sex energy to seek out physical fulfilment, however Napoleon Hill pointed out that when this energy was harnessed into other activities, great achievements could be made where they once were not possible.

I first tried this technique out on a computer game that required a series of butting bashing and a specific sequence of clicking etc. At a game that I had very little skill with to begin, after using sex transmutation, I turned myself into a pro in just minutes after using the technique.

The power of this process is incredible and not to be overlooked.

Here’s how I use sex transmutation…

Step1. Practice a thought and begin to visualize a short scenario in your mind that will “turn you on”. The thought needs to be powerful, so use your wildest imagination here and practice a thought that really makes you sexually charged.

Once you have this thought going through your mind, you may feel a tingling feeling throughout your body. That is normal because the sex energy is beginning to flow through all of you, from top to toe.

Step2. Switch your thoughts immediately from the sexy scenario in your mind to whatever you’re trying to achieve. For example. If you are doing archery and trying to shoot your arrow into the little red section on the target, then take your attention away from your sex energy thought and put all of your attention onto the task at hand.

Step3. The last step is to act with speed. The sex energy you’ve created will quickly dwindle away so its important that you act immediately after you’ve successfully switched your thoughts from the visualization in your mind, to the current task you’re involved with.

You will soon find that you’ll be doing the above 3 steps within 10-30 seconds every time you practice using sex energy to achieve great things. Sometimes even less time is required.

The key to successful application of this is to have already practiced some scenarios that will automatically make you feel the sex energy. Once you’ve got that part down, the rest is easy.

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