Understanding Your Relationship to Money

What is your relationship with money? Are you comfortable around money or do you feel fearful and tense (do your hands feel sweaty, does your heart palpate fast, Can you think clearly when you are around money?) Do any of the beliefs (fears) you heard as a child come to the surface when you think about money? What are some of your limiting beliefs about that money that seem to keep money away from you? Write some of these beliefs down now. Example: I feel money will change me from being a nice person to being self-centered, egotistical, greedy, conniving, crooked-add other words or phrases you feel applies to you.

If you inherited a large sum of money, say one million dollars, what would be one of your fears relative to your ability to have or manage the money? List your fears below: Example: I fear money would change me in into being heartless ….

Think of something specific you want to manifest now. Notice how your body reacts when you think about it. Does your heart open and expand, or does it tighten and contract? If you feel an expansive and opening sensation that makes your heart feel joyful, excitement, energy, and passion, you are focusing your manifesting energies in the right direction. If on the other hand, you get a sense of or feel apprehensive, afraid, bored, apathetic, or tired when you think of manifesting the thing you desire, you will most likely not achieve your desire.

It can be difficult to know what you really want since there are sometimes many voices inside of us which often want opposite things. A great way to distinguish the healthy from the not-so-healthy voices is to notice if there is a "should" involved. If there is, you will feel tired most of the time, and feel everything is a burden, and experience tension in your body, the end result will be a decrease of your manifestation abilities. When what you want comes from your heart, and is not based on the expectations or desires of someone else, you will manifest the desire easily, without effort, when you do it because you want and choose to do it. If you think you "should" manifest something because of society's expectations of what your dad, mom or family want or expects of you, you will struggle with having a lack of energy, freedom, and enjoyment. A true desire comes from your heart, your inner source of inspiration, and is uniquely yours. Remember, in order to manifest something effortlessly, it has to be important to you and you are passionate about it. So check inside your heart and feelings on what you have a passion for. When we are passionate about something we do it without struggle, effort, or complaint. I am passionate about counseling children, and I would do it even if I were not paid. I can be over booked, dead tired, yet I will find a way to counsel a child, even if it is for 10 minutes at 10 pm. I love speaking and I am good at it. You can awaken me at 3am, and I am ready to speak. I have a speech in my brain that automatically comes out of my mouth. The words are always on target and I am amazed at the wisdom that flows through me. You have to be passionate about getting or having money.

Another reason why you may lack money even though you want it may be the result of fear. Often we are afraid to acquire or get money, because of a conditioned fear we inherited from our parents. We live in a fear based society, so we have many fears. We are afraid to acquire or get money, and then if we acquire or get money we become afraid we will lose it or someone will take it away from us. The goal for us in our relationship with money is to let go and suspend all our fears surrounding money. We can never be without money. We cannot have or lose something that is a part of our emotional makeup. Money comes from God; it is a part of God. God is what we originated from; we can never be without God, our source of life. Both God and money is tied to our life source. There is an inborn instinct in us to survive and thrive. You have to decide how small or big you want to live. It is alright to act small, live small and be small as long as you have a desire to grow, expand, live large and have more "Good" or God in your life. You can serve a massive number of people when you think big, play big, act big and have a lot of money or you can think small, play small, act small and have little money for yourself or to help humanity. The choice is yours. You can change your thoughts about money and change your life.
I used to think, "I do not have a lot of money because I am too lazy to do the things to acquire and get money". Finally, I had to admit to myself that I harbored negative thoughts about money and my ability to get and have money. I started working on my self-worth, and deservedness. I had to accept that I was worthy and deserving of money. That God wanted me to have money, because he wanted me to serve his children, and I needed lots of money to complete the task. It became O.K for me to have money for my non profit organization that served At-risk children. I had to work on my money self-image to have more, be more, and enjoy more of the "Good things of life". I decided that I was a good person, and that I deserved for good things to happen to me. I made a decision that money would not change from being the loving, caring, compassionate person, I perceived myself to be and that it was a good thing for me to get and keep money.
You will have to decide if you can trust yourself to get mange and have a lot or a small amount of money. Now that you know how to get and keep money, the choice is yours whether you will do it.
Dr. Ida Greene, Ph.D.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Ida Greene is a Motivational Speaker, licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Therapist, ordained Minister, Registered Nurse, Intuitive, Personal Development Coach, Sales Trainer and Educator. She is a Reiki Energy Balancing Practioner, NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Actor, and founder of Our Place Center of
Self-Esteem, whose mission is to end violence and abuse. It provides training on: Self-Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Etiquette, Domestic Violence and Anger Management for children and adults. Dr. Greene Coach children and does Success Coaching for adults by phone. Her latest offering is coaching from a Spiritual perspective, Angel Coaching and Intuitive messages by phone. She specializes in working with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners on Strategies to Grow and Maximize their Business and Financial Success. In addition, she coaches children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and conducts Parenting classes for parents whose children struggle with this in the school setting.

Dr. Greene was a finalist for the 2004 Women Who Mean Business Awards, received the NAWBO "BRAVO" 2004 award, the "Best Humanitarian Campaign" 2005, by the Book Publicist of Southern California, and 1st Runner Up, 2005, Writers Notes Book Award, Home Category for her book Anger Management Skills for Children, San Diego Business Journal finalist for the 2006 Multicultural Heritage Awards, and Book Expo, 2006, Self Publisher of the year award. She was included in the book, "100 plus most Admired African Women in Literature" along with Oprah and Maya Angela. In August 2006 her coaching skills were highlighted in T Harv Eker's Coaching SuccessTrac newsletter.

She is the author of 18 books: Light the Fire Within You; Are You Ready for Success?- Soft Power Negotiation Skills, How to Be A Success In Business, Self-Esteem, the Essence of You - How to Improve Self-Esteem In The African American Child -How to Improve Self-Esteem In Any Child - Money, How to Get It, How to Keep It - Say Goodbye to Your Smallness, Say Hello to Your Greatness, Anger Management Skills for Children, Anger Management Skills for Men, and Anger Management Skills for Women, Secrets of Success, Soft Power Skills Women and Negotiation; Stirring Up the African American Spirit, and Angels Among Us, Earth Angels, available at www.idagreeene.com She is a frequent radio talk show guest can be reached for Keynote or Motivational presentations at 619-262-9951 or 877-767-LOVE (5683)