Sometimes, I wonder if people actually know themselves well. After all, we human beings are social beings and often, hide in the shadows of society in order to avoid many painful truths about ourselves.

Do you really know you?

If you haven't thought about it yet, perhaps it is time to ask some questions to begin to bridge your understanding about yourself and to bring that self-awareness. This self-awareness has many positive benefits such as:

1. Self-Esteem.
Knowing who you are and how you operate makes you feel good simply because you can now have a greater sense of control over yourself. Most people are floundering in uncertainty and depression becaue they can't or won't control themselves. Personal self-esteem can help you out here.

2. Control Over Emotions.
Linked to the first point above, you now have control and responsibility over your emotions. This can then be utilized as an adversity cushion whenever trouble strikes. You don't have to be frightened or angry or depressed. You can take a step out of the emotions and know that whatever has happened has happened for a reason.

3. Reducing physical ailments.
Most of the time, if you can communicate with yourself effectively, you get to manage your physical ailments better. For instance, it's a well-known fact that your pains are simply symptoms that are crying out for communication. They want you to listen, and if you listen closely enough, your body gives you all the information you need to eat right, sleep right, and work right.

So how do we actually start communicating with ourselves? Well, first off, you need time. Break away from the day-to-day and keep yourself quiet for a while. Learn to clear your mind and start to process your inner voice. What is it saying? What sensations do you feel? What does it want you to experience? When you communicate with different parts of yourself, always remember that your mind seeks a positive outcome for you, and will always work to protect you. However, you also need to take a solution and consider its future consequences. You need an ecological balance in the changes you make for yourself.

So whenever you receive a message from your unconscious mind, always thank it for revealing itself to you and giving the guidance necessary. From there, the inner communication you have will make for a better relationship with yourself in the first place. Healing can then be initiated by simply telling your unconscious mind what you want. While this seems mysterious to some, a lot of people already do this without knowing. Now, all it takes is a simple deliberate effort and you'll be on your way to becoming a whole person!

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Stuart is a Licensed NLP Trainer with the Society Of NLP and a psychotherapist. He utilizes NLP for modeling and development of effective solutions for individuals. He runs regular Q&A sessions for personal development at For more information about NLP, his site,
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