Turning Up Your Man Magnet! By Suzanne Blake, PCC

As a relationship coach, when I first meet with women who haven't been dating for a while, most of them use the same excuse for not getting out there. They all tell me that they have to lose five to twenty pounds before they feel they are ready to date. I am sure we all feel we could lose a little weight; we are women aren't we? Advertisers are constantly bombarding us with images of thin supermodels to get us to buy products, and it has a very bad effect on us. I love the new Dove soap commercials that show real women and their real curves! The truth is it isn't about your extra pounds, or whether you look like Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez or Halle Berry.

There are lots of women with a few extra pounds who aren't gorgeous models who are successful in the dating/mating game. What is their secret?

Men can "smell" when you feel attractive, turned on and excited about yourself. This is how the Catch-22 principle of why it's easy to attract men when you are already involved in a relationship works. The trick is to create these feelings of high self-worth and attractiveness when you are not in a relationship; they act like a secret beacon that pulls great men in! This principle is more essential to master than finding the right places to meet men. When you are feeling great about yourself and radiating this potent chemistry, almost anyplace is the right place to meet your future husband!

If you are recently out of a relationship, or it's been a long time since you have been dating, follow this exercise to get your "man magnet" super charged:

What would it take for you to feel really attractive, sexy, desired and confident with men, so you radiate love and feeling great about yourself? Do you need to imagine someone like Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Bobby Brown romancing you? Would having a dozen men calling you and sending you flowers make you feel great? Would it take an old boyfriend or husband coming back to you and saying he made a terrible mistake to make you feel wonderful and special? Or perhaps, appearing on Oprah as the Most Eligible Woman in the US? Indulge yourself and have fun with your fantasy, close your eyes and imagine a romantic scenario that even seems over the top to you! Let yourself revel in this for 5-10 minutes so you can soak it all in!

When you are done, please write down your fantasy so you can some back to it anytime you need an ego boost to spark up your man magnet. Practice pumping yourself up and going out on the town with a friend. Notice the difference in the type of attention you attract when you are feeling this way!

Focus on your successes!
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"Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. You must be able to sustain yourself against staggering blows. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much farther than people with vastly superior talent." --Sophia Loren

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As a Professional Certified Relationship Coach, my primary job is to help my clients through out the world to feel great about what they bring to a relationship, and learn relationship "interviewing" and decision-making skills so they pick the best potential mate or partner for their needs. I also love to help women learn to manage their relationships so they experience more joy and ease with romance and love! I am the author of the eBook, Great News for Dating and Mating: Winning Strategies That Work and a featured co-author of the book 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life along with noted authors Jack Canfield and John Gray. Boston Channel 5's Chronicle Magazine dubbed me "The Bill Belichik in the Game of Love" after I appeared on the show.

My coaching work has been featured in the New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian, Redbook and Smart Money Magazine. I have been quoted as a relationship expert in Emmy Award-winning journalist Wendy Walsh's book, The Girlfriend Test provided dating and mating tips to MSN, Self-Growth.com and numerous other media venues.

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Suzanne Blake, PCC is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach with 18 years of coaching, training and business consulting experience. Suzanne helps her private clients accelerate their success in their careers, relationships and lifestyle with empowerment, new perspectives, and concrete tools and action steps.

Her consulting work has concentrated on delivering results-oriented communications trainings, and leadership development programs using the Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI), and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Corporate Clients include: Verizon Corporation, Arnold Worldwide, EMC Corporation (US and Scandinavia), Neighborhood Health Plan, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, The Boston Ad Club, Synthes Switzerland, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Massachusetts Senior Women’s Bar Association, William A. Berry and Sons, Inc., and Children’s Hospital Boston. A keynote speaker, noted presenter and facilitator, and spokesperson for the coaching profession, her coaching work has been featured in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Smart Money Magazine, Redbook Magazine, MSN.com, on WBZ Television News, and WCVB Chronicle Magazine, and numerous other media venues.