As physical death occurs, the silver thread connecting the physical vehicle with the spiritual body is broken and the etheric portion of the person begins to slip away and separate from the more dense physical material. Those who sit with a person during this final transition period often notice that the appearance of the person dying becomes translucent and the energy in the room, peaceful as this finer energy permeates the room and this feeling can remain in the room for up to three days following the persons passing.

Just as physical matter is reabsorbed by the physical plane over the course of time, so the astral and mental materials of the individuals energetic bodies are absorbed into the Universe after death, dispersing energies and information into the ethers. Emotional matter is absorbed into the astral plane, while knowledge and wisdom are taken into the mental planes and this is in effect our contribution to Universal evolution.

As we reach greater levels of understanding, freedom and forgiveness and work through our selfish illusions and desires our energetic bodies expand and become more clear and intense. This expansion is precipitated generally by our earthly struggles which enable us to achieve a more complete rapport with our soul until it is finally ready to return to the Divine Spirit on completion of its earthly adventures.

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Since receiving the push from Spirit to use my gifts, I have built on the little conscious knowledge I already had, with reading, research and conversation with those of like mind and have linked with people all over my own country and the world, both personally and via the world wide web to share information and viewpoints and build friendships, all the while exercising and building upon my own intuition and spiritual connection. My consciousness has been opened significantly since those early days and many memories have surfaced so that I constantly find myself expanding on what I have always known rather than searching for my niche.

I am blessed with the gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, which I use in Channelling, Mediumship and reading work. I read the Tarot Spiritually, using the entire pack so that a large amount of information is brought forth from each reading in order to guide and nurture the individual to whom the reading is given. I believe in being direct when reading, as I am in life. I am qualified to the Highest Level in 7 modalities of Reiki, having been bestowed the honour of being the First Grandmaster in Australia for two of these. I also work extensively with crystals, combining Crystal healing and Reiki for some truly amazing results

I am a spiritual person with highly attuned intuition and have been reading privately and internationally for over 15 years. I am a gifted medium and as such am able to contact your passed over relatives and friends should they choose to commune with you. I am available for all your entertaining needs, including office parties, corporate functions, festivals, hens parties and private readings and am happy to provide costumed or themed entertainment should you require it. More than anything else, people love to hear about themselves and to have someone who is completely focused for a period of time on them specifically and that is what I can provide for my clients in the form of a completely unique and individual experience wherein the rest of the world falls away and for a time it really is all about them.

Private readings are available from your home or you can choose to visit my office in Bathurst where a large client base is already established. For your peace of mind I can provide you with testimonials available from satisfied clients from all over the world in relation to both my reading and healing abilities.

I am renowned internationally for my compassion, patience and incredible ability to attune to people and their requirements and as such I know that will be able to assist you in foretelling your future in regard to relationships, career and all other aspects of your life in the most informative, humourous and sensitive manner possible. I can teach you to improve your interpersonal skills and achieve the goals and visions that you may once have thought impossible, in both interpersonal and business relationships. My readings are in depth and detailed value for money so you will not be disappointed and your clients will be lining up for more.

In relation to team building, I will happily analyse the individuals in your team in order to ascertain group dynamics so that every person in the group is aware of their role within that group and how they can use their own talents and skills in order to enhance the performance of the overall team as well as delving into conflict resolution and the nitty gritty of why sometimes people just cant seem to get along.