You found a prospect and got the appointment, now what? It's time to decide if this person or organization is in need of your product or service. It's time to find the problem you can solve with your product or service.

Selling Tip #1: Find the prospects problem

The BEST way to implement this selling tip and discover the true needs or problem of a prospect or client is with proper questions. Questions allow us to gather important information, which enables us to help our clients. When we ask questions in a professional manner we establish the most important aspect of the sales process - TRUST. When you ask questions that show a sincere interest in the prospect they'll learn that you're not just another salesperson trying to take their money. They'll discover that you are truly interested in helping them.

When you ask questions to uncover the prospects problem, you should ask the question and then shut your mouth and listen for the answer. Tom Hopkins says "you have two ears and one mouth, you should listen twice as much as you talk." Keep asking probing questions until you and the prospect are clear about their specific problem.

When using this selling tip, don't rush through this part of the process. It's important you both understand the problem before you present the solution. Unless the prospect sees, understands and believes there is a problem, there is no problem and no need for your solution.

Selling Tip #2: Show how your product or service will solve their problem

Now that you know their problem you can provide them with the solution. When you provide solutions you show them the benefits not the features of your product or service. A feature is what the product or service is. A benefit is what the product or service does.

An important point to remember, every prospect is interested in WIIFM (which stands for: What's In It For Me?).

"Anti lock brakes" mean very little to the average driver until you explain they may prevent dangerous skids on slippery highways. Six inches of insulation mean nothing until you translate it into lower heating and air conditioning costs. People want to know what benefit they'll receive when they purchase your product or service.

The most important part of this selling tip is pick the single biggest benefit that your product or service provides and lead with it. If you lead with the best first you will get the prospects attention immediately and many times it's the only one you need.

In closing I want you to answer two very important questions about your product or service.

What do you sell?

What do your prospects buy?

I encourage you to take the time to give these simple questions some serious thought. The answers you come up with may determine your degree of success or failure in sales. And by the way, if your answers match, then you are miles ahead of your competition.

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