1. Teach English As A Foreign Language

Teaching English to overseas students may be one of the most enjoyable jobs you'll ever have. Imagine earning good money, whilst traveling the world and meeting people from a rich diversity of backgrounds.

Most of the lessons involve conversation, so you will progressively find out much about your students' lives and aspirations. When you have a class with students from many different continents of the world, the topics will be endless and fascinating. As a result, you will develop an appreciation of your students' individual challenges back home, and other students will gain much respect for one another. As your students' English progresses, the conversations will become more fluent and therefore detailed in content.

You will also go on many outdoor language learning excursions, in order to teach your students the English words for many common signs and sightings. Both you and your students can visit a colorful variety of areas around the city or town where the college is located.

Picnics are another popular outing when teaching overseas students. Usually, each student brings a plate of food from their own culture. You may have an assortment of at least 5 different cuisines to choose from. Some students may also bring traditional musical instruments to play and sing.

And don't forget to have your address book handy, as your students will very likely offer you free accommodation and hospitality, for when you visit their home countries.

Training: A University degree then completion of an internationally recognized TEFL Training Course.

2. A Substitute Elementary Teacher

This is one of the most flexible jobs around, particularly for parents. The hours are the same as your child's school hours, you may be available whenever you wish and the pay increases the more teaching hours you accumulate.

Nor is this job demanding. Usually there is no need for preparation, as the class teacher will often leave a detailed note of lessons to be taught and textbooks to be used. If you do need to prepare, then you can purchase a substitute teacher lesson book from a teachers' resource shop. Specialized substitute teacher books can be bought for each grade and contain many pages of photocopiable material to use in the classroom.

Finally, teaching children of this age is delightful! If you are kind and earn their respect, they will give you their undivided attention and contribute positively to your lessons. Finally, don't be surprised when next time you are shopping, you hear a child's voice call out excitedly "Hello Miss...!"

A college degree or diploma in elementary education.

Author's Bio: 

Eve Zhu was an English As A Foreign Language teacher for over 14 years. She is now teaching as a Substitute Teacher for elementary schools in Sydney, Australia.

She believes that eating and living naturally are the keys to great health.