Good morning. This is your commander speaking. As you board this craft destined to God, please leave knowledge previously acquired behind you. The flight is not full, so you may sit wherever you chose. We will be leaving Earth in a few moments. Welcome aboard.

How many times have you flown in an airplane and looked down upon the Earth in wonderment? The angle from which you perceive the Earth makes it appear quite small in comparison to the endless sky that embraces your craft.

When the airplane starts its ascension upwards, the Earths detailed landscapes disappear from sight. You can no longer see the Earth below, yet you know it awaits your return. With this comforting thought in mind, you switch your attention away from Earth and gaze into the clouds that you are now moving through. The clouds imaginary faces conjures up various artificial realities to entertain your intellect. You find yourself lost in the cloud's changing creations. Yet, are these images a figment of your own creation?

As the flight continues you notice that you are now flying parallel to the sun. The brilliance of its light does not allow you to look at her for long duration's without seeing a spectrum of unfamiliar colors before your eyes. You don't want to impair your vision so you look away. Yet,are you impairing your vision or is your spiritual vision being awakened?

Ascending higher, the cruising altitude of the plane is established. You peer out the window and find nothing but the expansive blue sky. It seems to be unoccupied, void of any entertainment like the sun and the clouds held. You tire of looking at nothing for the mind requires new stimulus. Soon your attention drifts back to the activities going on inside the plane. You wonder about the skies emptiness, yet, were you staring at nothing or everything?

When the antics of the fellow passengers no longer amuse you, your eyes discover sleep and the dream world comes alive. Now you are peering inside the window of the soul. Within the soul lies God. The planes destination has reached its contact point. Here in the serenity of your inner castle, detailed landscapes merge as one. Imaginary faces reflect the variable masks of your identity. A translucent light is beheld in your eyes and the technicolor of your soul shines radiantly. The vastness of the sky becomes your body, within this body the universe lives.

Here, in the inner space of your being, you are able to envision God's presence, hear God's word and embrace God's love. You no longer worship him more than he worships you. As you perceive God you receive yourself.

As the craft starts its descent back to Earth, people are awakened from their sleep. Activity stirs inside the craft. You look out the window and see that the sky is no longer blue, it has transformed into shades of pinks and purples. The sun seems smaller in size. Her brilliant yellow is now a muted gold. You become aware that everything is transitory and in a state of change, or do you?

As the Earth shows her face once again, the landscapes and structures that entertained your intellect at the start of this journey, become visible to your eyes. Does everything look the same as when you departed or does your angle of perception differ?

As the craft comes to a complete stop, the rush to reclaim ones identity is set into motion. Everyone wants to be the first person to set foot on the ground. Do you
join in the rush, or do you move forward patiently?

Inside the terminal building the scenario continues as people gather around the conveyor belt to await the missing link of their third dimensional identity. When it finally arrives you are a complete parcel, ready to present yourself to the world. Do you reclaim your limited identity, or do you embrace God's limitless identity into your world?

If you have done the later you suddenly discover that during your flight you were not limited by time, for you moved back and forth through various time zones unaffected by its impact. Wrist clocks were not permitted on your journey, therefore time was non existent.

You also discover that you were not limited by space for the sky you flew through was limitless. If you choose to theoretically analyze your flight from a scientific standpoint you have not only missed the planes destination, you have also missed my message to you.

Since time and space have lost their reality while ascending upwards one soon acknowledges that ascension never sleeps nor separates itself from movement. If there were division definition would have form. If one defines the ocean, one must also define the sky merging with it. If one defines a tree, one must also define the soil which gives it life. If you do not embrace the whole of creation the world of separation awaits you! To read more stories from Aliah visit

Author's Bio: 

Sayahda, a clairvoyant since birth has been a teacher of metaphysics for over 30 years. Her powerful seminars and Spiritual Life Reading are refreshingly realistic and speak to the heart of the individual. Sayahda is the author of 3 books and a frequent guest on radio and television talk shows.