I recently read an article about the power of thinking. The article's main point was that the way to wealth is through our thoughts. This rings true for me and certainly seems to represent my perception of how the world works. After all, everything you see, i.e. buildings, cars, computers, wallets, started out as someone's thought.

Thus, it is quite easy to come to terms with the ability that I have to create my own reality by how I think. When I unpack this revelation, success becomes quite tangible. However, this hierarchy (the mind controls the physical world) also creates some interesting insight. For example, if thoughts control our body, or physical environment, what controls our thoughts?

In my view, our spirit controls the thoughts that we have. Sure, there is an exchange of information between our physical environment and our mind; however, what is stored and processed is determined by what we believe. This is why two people can see the same event but have two totally different interpretations. Our belief system is what assigns meaning to our environment. Thus, a part of changing our environment is changing our belief about our place in the world.

I get more of what I want in life by feeding my mind information that supports what I want. When I reach the tipping point (the supporting new information outweighs the old belief), I give my mind the authority to create a new world based on the new belief. More than ever, I am convinced that change comes from within based on what we do without.

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