Long, long ago, God/Goddess created a lovely world and when they thought about what the soul purpose of the world would be, they decided that it would become a school where highly evolved beings from all over Creation could come to learn how to love, trust and accept themselves, others and Spirit unconditionally. One of the problems was that each of these beings knew so deeply in their core essence that they were an aspect of the consciousness of God/Goddess that how could they even see themselves as existing apart from God/Goddess. How could they not love others when they knew that they were part of the others. So God/Goddess decided to create a material body to host the spiritual essence of each being that wanted to play in the new world so they could participate in the new experiment.

The big challenge would be that each being - although part of the consciousness of God/Goddess - would appear on the outside at least to be a separate being. So it was a test in many ways to see if the people incarnating were wise enough to see through and transcend the illusion of individuality and separation. And God/Goddess gifted the planet with the potential to be a paradise – to be a heaven world for the souls who were able to learn how to see through the illusion of separation so they could learn how to love themselves, others and Spirit.

There was great excitement when the experiment in consciousness was announced and many, many souls wanted to incarnate on the new planet. So many souls in fact that God/Goddess had to turn down some of the applicants and offer them other life experiences instead of the new school. The souls incarnating on this new world had one concern and that is what if they forgot the purpose of the school – how would they be able to measure their progress toward learning how to love and accept themselves, others and Spirit unconditionally. Most of these souls had never had a body before and were not sure how that would all work out. I mean it looked good on paper but often things that look good on the spiritual plane - well sometimes these bright ideas have unexpected twists that you don’t realize until it is too late.

There was a lot of discussion about the best ways to help these people who wanted to enroll in this new school and ultimately God/Goddess created three safeguards to assist beings on the World of Infinite Potentiality to remember who they really are and their collective soul mission to learn how to love themselves and others unconditionally. First, the beings incarnated on the world were gifted with a rich emotional and feeling nature that would provide immediate internal emotional feedback to each being. When they were deepening their ability to love themselves and others unconditionally, they would feel happy and when they were not evolving in that direction they would feel unhappy.

Secondly each incarnating soul was gifted with a superconscious mind that became their own personal interface with the great Law of Attraction so that anything they focus with on their mind and nurture in their heart would be created. So the new planet became widely known as the World of Infinite Potentiality because of this great gift. So the more loving the beings became - the more heaven like their external outside world would become. So basically people would know how they were doing in their quest to love themselves and others from both inside and outside – from their emotions and feelings within as well as the quality of their outer life and life circumstances. And thirdly, God/Goddess promised to send great avatars to the planet to remind people of their mission and teach people how to love, forgive and heal themselves. And everyone felt pleased because they said surely with such strong reminders inside of ourselves and outside ourselves - well its so obvious how can we fail in our purpose?

And at first the experiment went really well. People who incarnated on this great planet – this world of infinite potentiality – knew their only responsibility was to love themselves and others and in doing so they created heaven on earth. But eventually over time they forgot the purpose of the planet and the energetic setup of the planet and life became harsh indeed for the inhabitants. Instead of learning at an early age how to love themselves and how to honor and follow their feelings, children were taught instead that if they wanted something often they would have to please their parents to receive it.

And later on when they went to school they were taught that if they wanted to do well in school they would have to please their teachers with their performance even if that was not so aligned with who they were. And children learned that if they wanted to become accepted by their peers as friends that they would have to model themselves on what their peers did and say even if it did not resonate with their heart. And as the children grew up - it got worse and worse and worse. Now they had to please their bosses to get raises, their partners to be loved and please their priests to go to Heaven.

And over time, people got so used to trying to please others to get by, that they began to look to others to approve of who they are and even began to define who they are in terms of how they appear to others. People when asked who they are - would tell people what they did for a living which, of course, was just a tiny part of who they truly are. And over the years, many people sacrificed part of who they were to gain approval and in the process they gave away their power to others. They gave away their power to family, teachers, employers, doctors, ministers, partners, experts of all kinds etc. Even God/Goddess was stunned at how many different ways the beings found to give their power away. Truly the beings of this world are most among the most gifted and amazing creators anywhere!

And each year as people tried to please more and more people and ended up giving more and more of their power away, they felt more and more miserable inside and their outer world each year became more painful. And underneath it all was this strong sense of sadness – almost as if they knew that life was supposed to be joyful and happy and fun and what happened. Many of these beings were so happy as children and they lost this happiness and sense of authenticity more and more each year and now - well now they are living in a state of burnout and numbness and pain…

And God/Goddess eagerly awaits for this grand moment to arrive in each person’s life for this is a very important transition and turning point for each person. Each person has a choice at this time. Will they wake up, take responsibility for what they have created, reclaim their spiritual power, honor their feelings, heal and forgive themselves and create Heaven on Earth? Or will they fall totally into the spell of matter and judge, blame, get angry at others or life or fate and give up or retreat into guilt and blame and create an even more miserable life experience than where they are now.

What happens in this moment is a critical thing for each being because at that moment when people focus on what they have created in their life with great emotion (either love based or fear based) is nurtured and magnified a zillion fold by the Universal Law of Attraction and you will begin to firmly trod either the path of the Upward Spiral or the path of the Downward Spiral. It is your choice although… for all things are allowed in the World of Infinite Potentiality.

The wise beings who take responsibility for their lives and happiness well they live happily ever after…

And the other folks well they don’t.

The World of Infinite Potentiality
@2008 Bill Austin. All Rights Reserved

Author's Bio: 

Bill Austin is an energy healing facilitator, spiritual teacher, artist, writer and visionary living in St Petersburg, Florida in the United States. Bill specializes in distance healing and is the founder of several Reiki and other energy healing modalities. He has trained healers in over sixteen countries and has helped people from all over the world to heal, grow, expand and to realize more of their full potential. Bill infuses healing and enlightenment energies into healing art images and has created a line of self help books. You can click on this link to download a free healing ebook called: Vibrational Color Healing Art.