At any time within our life, we have the opportunity to set new intentions and movements to create the life we truly desire. To do this we must first understand energy and the Laws of Patterns and Manifestation, once again reminding everyone that everything is energy. We are spiritual beings having an experience in a more dense form of energy, our physical body.

The Law of Patterns helps us comprehend that energetic patterns affect how we create our lives. The thoughts, decisions, and actions we take as a result of experiences stored in our cellular memory and the conditioning which is learned through . . . our culture, society, family, peers, history, and lineage. Since all thoughts, feelings, words, and action are energy, they create the physical manifestation of what we focus upon.

The Law of Manifestation occurs when thoughts, words, and feelings are aligned and fuel us to take actions. If we focus our thoughts and feelings upon love, joy, and abundance rather than fear, lack, grief, resentment, or anger, the energies will align to manifest love, joy, and abundance. Setting intentions alone cannot produce what we desire. We must follow through on the energetic levels of ‘right order’ thoughts, feelings, words, and actions along with our connection with God (or whatever way you know the Higher Power of the Universe).

Energy converts to matter. “Matter is frozen light that is a highly complex orchestrated energy fields. If matter has light-like properties, then it is probable that matter may have frequency characteristics,” according to Dr. Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine. Thus we are working with frequencies, harmonics, and vibrations when we enter into healing from an energetic perspective.

As we experience different events within our lifetimes, we make decisions based on our perspective and interpretation of the event which create belief systems and patterns that hold energy. The decisions and experiences are then held within what are called adamantine particles which are the minute form of creation at the cellular memory level. The particle is the most finite particle of our subatomic cell structure and the building blocks for all complex forms in the Universe and retains all experiences throughout life times. An adamantine particle’s native state of ‘be’-ing is Love.

As an out-breadth of Divine Creator, we receive our own individual set of adamantine particles which we know as our Original Essence with our unique gifts and talents. Each adamantine particle holds the pattern of the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is composed of all sacred geometrical shapes within the Universe. Within the Flower of Life is the God seed consciousness of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom and the Diamond energy and brilliance of who you Truly are. All consciousness continues to grow and expand into higher vibrations including that of God’s and the All Oneness Unity consciousness.

Adamantine particles do have memory and retains all of your experiences. Our cellular memory collects the impressions or what we call imprints and forms the patterns within the adamantine particles, either as positive (love/unified) or negative (fear) energetics. Or you could consider it, energy in alignment or out of alignment with your True Self and Divine Love – your Original Essence or what we would call your Original Divine Blueprint. Within the cellular memory are bodies of consciousness . . . physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual in which the memory is recorded and stored.

The energies of the belief systems and patterns are reinforced throughout lifetimes by now what they direct us to think, feel, or believe when a new experience comes to us. The patterns will gather evidence as to why it is so and continue to make imprints upon the cellular memory until we interrupt that type of energy pattern. If our patterns are negatively running the show so to speak, they are based on fear and will create blocks and limitations in ‘be’-ing our True Self and achieving our desires. Depending on where the memory is stored, you could experience emotional distress if the trauma is held in the emotional body of consciousness or it could be held in the physical body as pain or dis-ease.

The adamantine particles will hold misaligned (seemingly negative) patterns until there is an intention to energetically heal a pattern that is out of alignment with Love. To completely heal the belief systems and patterns, healing must occur energetically within the adamantine particles, bodies of consciousness, and on a cellular memory level to realign you to Divine Love and your Original Divine Blueprint.

This can be done through our intention of healing. When the vibration of Love and Divine Source enters into the healing, it generates a true harmony and synchronicity among the adamantine particles which are the key and core to energetic healing. We then enter into the transformation and re-patterning of the adamantine particles back to Divine Love and your Original Divine Blueprint. The results are it energetically changes the belief systems, patterns, consciousness of the bodies, and thus the cellular memory for present and future creations and experiences.

The energies that are out of alignment are unresolved or incomplete and show up as the patterns that create issues within your life. In identifying the patterns within your life, it can assist you in getting to the root cause of it. When an issue arises for you and the pattern(s) is identified then it is time to address it and heal it. If you do not, the experience of the issues and patterns will intensify until you can no longer ignore them. These are the challenges and lessons that come to you and are the ones for you to heal.

So what can you do to return to experiencing your Original Essence? First affirm what your intention is, such as . . .
“My commitment is to be open enough to become aware of, acknowledge, and embrace what no longer serves me, free of judgment and blame, of my Self and others. I am committed and willing to let go of what I know and the behaviors and habits of the past. I am willing to heal the energetics of my pattern(s) and the past and forgive my Self and others. I am committed and willing to explore, discover, and heal what will assist me to live in the present and consciously create the future!”

The next steps are to ask your Self the following:
1) Awareness is the key! My pattern is . . .
2) It shows up in my life as (habits, situations, blocks, and limitations) . . .
3) It shows up in my relationships as (with significant others, family, friends, co-workers) . . .
4) My pattern affects . . .
________ My thinking and the decisions I make
________ My emotions and the way I feel
________ The way I treat my Self
________ The way I treat others
________ The way I see and judge my Self
________ The way I see and judge others
________ The ability to create the life I desire
________ The ability to create the relationship I desire
(Note: If you do not like what is occurring in your life and checked one or more of the selections above, then the Pattern is running your life, not you!)
5) I feel like ____________________________________________________________ when my pattern is affecting me. (List all of the feelings that occur when your pattern is engaged.)

By you choosing to become aware of the patterns that are running the show, you can then take control of your life by engaging with your Self honestly as to what in your life is working and what is not. In becoming aware, you now can make a conscious choice to create something different. You can choose to heal the patterns that are dysfunctional, negative, and even destructive. Thus when you set your intentions, you can actually achieve what you desire, based within a different energetic paradigm of Divine Love and from your True Essence.

Many blessings for creating and living your Diamond (your Divine Source cell consciousness) life!

Author's Bio: 

Amanda Butler is a Consciousness Navigator who inspires, guides, educates, and supports individuals and groups in their exploration and discovery of their Diamond essence, their desires, and their True purpose. As a teacher and healing catalyst, Amanda Butler is President of Keenawah & Associates and Founder of Stellar-Gaia Alliances ( Her mission is to spread the consciousness and vibration of love to others through healing the past, enlivening the spirit, and empowering the True Self. Her Diamond Life™ Services which include: Energetic Healing Sessions (energetic re-patterning and re-balancing processes) and Conscious Choice Coaching; in-person or via phone.