There are certain elements that people tend to forget about in their ability to hold to their mind that which they want. The two elements are desire and expectations.

You will never expect that which you don’t desire and you will never desire that which you don’t expect. To realize and manifest things in your life you must have desire and you must expect it to happen. This is completely the inner work for oneself. This inner work is what makes things happen.

We have fallen into the paradigm of constantly checking our results to see if that which we desire is evident in our lives. What people tend to do is to side step the desire for something. We need to build into our minds that which we want. We need to do this over and over again. It is a practice or a discipline that has to be engaged daily.

The Law of Attraction is not put in place by thinking about it what you want once or twice a week. That will not cut it! You must have a burning desire for what it is that you want to be do or have. If you have that desire, then you will enter a stage to expect that which you want to be do or have.

You must be emotionally involved in the idea that you have. Your desire must be strong enough to hold that idea in your mind no matter what your circumstances are. It is all inner work. You have to find a way to keep that which you desire in your mind’s eye all the time. Not just sometimes.

If you do nothing you will get nothing. Inner work is just that it is connecting to the divine and keeping the picture of what you want constant. As you visualize as you think about what it is that you want write down what it is. Daily go over in your mind’s eye that which you want, write out the picture in present tense to crystallize that picture in your mind’s eye.

Here is the deal, if you don’t start to expect the best, then you are not thinking about the best. Think about it as if you already have it. This should help increase your expectation. Entertain that idea and do the inner work daily.

Now let us go over expectation; you expect to have money in the mail. You go over to the mailbox and you don’t see any, then what are you going to think? This doesn’t work where is my stuff? Well you just eliminated your belief that their will be money in the mail. Now you have to start all over again, because you undid what you are trying to do.

I am also making one assumption here. That you have done something in the physical universe that will place money in your mailbox. You rarely get something for nothing. A service or a product had to have some value for someone to send you money. Law of Compensation is that you must give something of value to someone else in order for that exchange to occur.

You must expect the best to get the best. You must be grateful for what you have in order to get more of that. Think about this, if you take care of something it last much longer than if you don’t. How is your mind any different? You must believe that you are deserving, and of good character in order to manifest anything.

A generic wish for wealth is not the same as a burning desire. That desire must be very definite. The importance of this is monumental. Anything that is vague or fuzzy is no good. How can you expect a new home without knowing what it looks or feels like? My first house is almost exactly as I pictured it. Now think about this. When you think about owning a house, do you think about losing it? If you do, then you need to do some more inner work as you are setting yourself up for a loss! If you desire is for income, then how much? Definiteness has to be there, you don’t think about having money to satisfy just debt! That won’t work, because you are entertaining two separate ideas, one of wealth and one of poverty. How will you increase your desire by entertaining the opposite of what you want? What message does that send out other than confusion?

Let us say you want job that pays you $ 100,000.00 per year. What would it look like? In my mind I see myself walking down the inner office and I see people walking up to me to look at a report or ask me a question regarding an issue. I see myself solving these problems quickly and with expertise. I see myself in great shape and always in a great mood. I get excited when I go to the job. People greet me with smiles on their faces, they take comfort that I am there to help them excel and get their jobs done.

That is very specific, as to your vocation or career create even more detail. Yet in the overview above can you not see the excitement? The desire to belong, to be of value, have people like you. All of these things in just a few sentences, it is not vague. That desire above has never left me. Did I hit that desire? Yes I have, but the level I see now, is even greater.

As the picture in your mind’s eye becomes more crystallized, more solidified, the desire for its accomplishment will grow. There will be a point where your expectation will also grow. It is when your desire and your expectations align that the flow or the path to what you want opens up and the speed of that which you want will start to assemble itself to bring forth the reality that you seek.

I can not emphasize this enough. You must keep that dream alive. You have to use you mental will to keep it in place no matter what your outside circumstances are. Ignore or handle as things come up, but always keep the end that YOU want in mind, and that is my message to you.

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