Want a reality check? You won't want to miss this. Read the top 9 proven ways to never willfully achieve anything greater in your life.

1. Remain skeptical.

It reduces the risk of being let down doesn't it? Before you start your session, remember to analyze truth from fiction. Close your mind and try to manifest while wondering if there is any scientific evidence to prove that your mind has a connection with reality.

2. Tomorrow will be a better day for Manifesting.

Keep putting it off until the exact perfect day arrives. Even though you realize you need change in your life now, wait until you have the ideal moment to work on it, which is probably not right now. It's more important to finish the today's grind, take your stress home, and playback all the negativity in your head while watching how much others have that you don't on celebrity TV shows. Watching these before focusing on your manifestation is important. They let you know what you need. Besides, you'll probably still have the motivation and energy right before bed to do your manifestation.

3. Get the most out of it, set really high demands.

Sounds logical right? For instance, if you still live with your parents, just jump ahead and manifest that jet airplane you've always wanted. Skip the small stuff. Don't bother with the learning curve. No matter how high the demand is, reality still has to bend to your will. That's how achievements are won in life, am I right? You may want to make sure that when your results don't add up, you still have the right to turn your back and punish life itself for not submitting.

4. All you have to do is 'tell' God what you want.

It's as easy as praying the same way you learned when you were a kid, or, just repeat your favorite affirmation. The Universe is alive after all, and despite being trillions and trillions of light years across, it definitely speaks human languages like English. There's no need to reflect on the energy behind languages, such as emotional frequencies. Just repeat the word "money" out loud instead of really feeling and broadcasting what you are manifesting to your mind and the Universe.

5. You can never be too specific.

Don't sell yourself short with generalizations. Look that gift horse square in the mouth. Make sure the universe knows you not only want a Ferrari, it has to be a white convertible with custom candy apple red swirl pinstripes, with specific rims, and garage door opener built into the dash. Settling for anything less just waters it down, and offers no way to build your skill with success.

6. Play the blame game.

The life situation you are stuck in was obviously the fault of someone or something else. Put off the personal responsibility for making changes as long as you can. If you can figure out who is at fault, maybe it's society, family, friends, enemies, whoever it is, they should make the effort to fix your life. You just have to convince them of that, sit back and wait.

7. Keep your cynical edge.

Let's say you give it a try. While waiting to see what happens, stay alert for any signs your manifestation isn't working like you were promised. If you stay on the lookout, you'll discover the way it won't work very quickly! Besides, no one deserves a better life opportunity anyway. Fate hands out the cards. So don't be tempted with optimism. You might end up like one of those cheeky-positive new-agers!

8. Lose interest if the results don't meet your expectations.

We live in a modern world. You can get a burger, fries and a drink in less than 5 minutes without getting out of your car. Manifestation should work the same way, right? Set your intention, repeat some affirmation sentence, and wait about a day or two. If nothing happens, then it's probably a lot harder than it's worth. When you think about trying it again, don't bother, there's probably something more satisfying on TV

9. Remember, by simply understanding the basics, it's automatic!

You don't need to do anything. Now that you've seen "The Secret" and have a general mental satisfaction, you're done! Helping the process by putting yourself out in life isn't necessary at all. If you want to manifest your soul mate, just stay home. There's no need to help the Universe or put more odds in your favor by meeting it halfway. Aside from learning, no other effort is necessary. A basic understanding is enough.

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Obviously this article is a humorous look into some of the ways most people fail at the Art of Direct Manifestation. If you read this list again the right way, and apply the opposite of each, you will stand to maintain incredible results time after time. For more information about the Higher Balance Institute and a free Audio on Manifestation, please visit www.higherbalance.com.