Having just joined forces with SpiritGrowth.com as the Tarot Expert for the next year, it is my great pleasure to begin sharing with you tarot insights and guidance into how to better use this transformation tool for your own conscious development and growth. While I will often mention my own tarot deck, the Faery Wicca Tarot, and share with you my spiritual pathway, that of the Irish Faery-Faith, everything I share will easily apply to any tarot deck and tradition that you might use or be involved with. Over the course of the next year it is my goal to post several articles each month.

One morning in July 1994, I sat in a stone circle a-top a sacred mountain in Ireland, I had a vision. In the vision, Dana (the Irish Mother Goddess) appeared and filled me with the inspiration for designing and creating the Faery Wicca Tarot. I was shown very clearly the design of the four Element suits the Helper Cards & Ancient Ones, along with five additional cards, Four Gift of Faery cards, and the Crann na Beatha/Tree of Tree card. While I may have been the recipient of the Faery Wicca Tarot cards, and while the artist may have illustrated these designs, they don’t belong to us; for each came from Faery, the Land of Faery, and as such hold the blessing of Dana.

Let’s begin our journey together and look at how tarot can assist us when we undergo challenging times. We can look upon challenges as “spirit tests.” When viewed from this perspective our challenges can be lessened. We can learn to accept spirit tests as times of valuable spiritual growth. The gods challenge us or put us through such tests when a weak aspect of our native composition is ready to be strengthened. Spirit tests are likened to the saying “Walk your talk”—for it’s our “talk” that is challenged.

We can use the tarot to help us understand these unnerving tests by performing divination or choosing several cards to use as a starting point for spiritual contemplation and meditation.

Let me give an example. Let’s say it’s the month of February and you are undergoing some serious challenges in your life, and you want to gain a handle on how best to work with the situation. The High Priestess card could be used as a starting point. This card resonates with the energy of February. The High Priestess, as do all the major arcana, has a companion card -- the Moon. Two additional cards connected to the High Priestess are the Queen of Fire/Wands and the King of Water/Cups. Used together, all four cards are powerful meditative tools, for each gives us a focus to contemplate.

The High Priestess: “You have arrived at the portal to the garden of the Goddess,” she says. “The great mother’s daughter, her holy priestess, the maiden, must ask you of your worthiness. There is only one answer, which you must give from your heart. The wisdom and teachings of the mysteries are beckoning to you to move deeper.”
Each person’s answer is recorded in the book of life, which the priestess holds open. Therefore, while she may already know the answer you will give, only you can give the correct answer, and there is only one answer. A spirit test is asking us that question, asking us to redefine our beliefs, and get clear on who we are. Meditation on this card moves our focus inward, where we can touch our inner (moon) light.

The Moon: The Moon tells us, “The dark night of soul is upon you. It is time to re-evaluate your innermost beliefs and come to terms with those that no longer resonate for you. In doing so, you find your inner light, a soft, gentle light not unlike that of the Full Moon. Discover the mystery that is you.”
One of the powers portrayed or represented by the Full Moon is divination. The goddess Brigid (a tie-in to the High Priestess card) seems to become the patron of divination. A spirit test challenges us to find our deepest or strongest connection to deity (god/goddess/all that is/spirit, whatever title we use). Brigid, as a goddess of inspiration and clarity, can help demystify the test. Meditation on this card can put us back in touch with who we are.

The Queen of Fire/Wands: “The magic of the Faery world touches your heart,” she says. “The call of the Morrigu reaches the ears of those individuals who are attuned to the south winds; become the warrior of the ancient ones; one who is walking her/his talk without hesitation.”
The symbolism of this card can open the heart center and activate the fire in the belly; for this card represents spirit made manifest, creative energy, and the upholding of truth. In my Faery Wicca Tarot, this card is given the animal totem of Crow. Crow teaches skill, cunning, and single-mindedness. Through the lesson of this totem, one can receive wise and knowledgeable information; for Crow is the sacred law. Meditation on this card solidifies inner truth.

The King of Water/Cups: “The magic of the Faery world will fill you with laughter,” he says. “The ancient knowledge is given freely to any willing to submerge ego in the abyss to be reborn with second sight.”
The King of Water is connected to the alder, the tree of strength and resurrection. Both bring protection needed in times of personal conflict. His card represents dreams and the subconscious mind. Through meditation with this card, we can understand that the challenge is for us to resurface, to move back into alignment with the dance of spirit, to realize the dream awakening. Meditation on this card moves us back into the heart of truth.

Together, all four cards create an aura of wholeness through which self, fractured by the spirit test, can be healed. Using the Faery Wicca Tarot each month for this type of spiritual work is quite easy; all necessary card / month placements are provided, along with each month’s companion and other associate cards. Regardless of what deck is used, my wish for you is to find a deeper connection with the tarot.

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