The last couple of decades have seen an interesting evolution in the business world. Today we see people who create businesses in order to create positive change rather than going into business just to make money. We see people using the tools, cash flow and power that their business provides to create new jobs, fund charities and develop more resources and empowerment for the people around them.

Rather than embracing poverty and lack these entrepreneurs are opening themselves up to the unlimited abundance of the Universe and then using that abundance to help others. This is a major shift among those who walk a spiritual path. For a long time we’ve been trapped in the self-defeating paradigm that to be spiritual one must live in poverty and eschew all wealth and abundance.

Recent movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? have awakened millions of people to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Reciprocity. However this is NOT new information! Napoleon Hill published Think and Grow Rich! In the 1950’s and Wallace Wattles published The Science of Getting Rich in 1910! The Science of Getting Rich was one of the books used as the basis for The Secret.

So what has changed recently to cause this shift in awareness about abundance? The information has always been there. The simple fact is that many spiritually oriented people saw wealth as evil or bad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met Lightworkers who held full-time jobs and then spent their ‘spare time’ teaching and healing, often for free. In almost every case, when asked about money the Lightworker would respond “Money isn’t important to me.”

Well, if money is not important then why are we spending 40-60 hours a week working for it and then teaching and healing on the side? If our true path is to be teachers, healers and Lightworkers then shouldn’t we be doing that rather than working a job that we probably don’t like in order to pay the bills?
I don’t want it to seem as if I’m criticizing these people who work so hard to help others. That’s not my intention at all. I simply want to point out that those folks could be helping so many more people if they didn’t have to spend so much time working for something (money) that they don’t think is important in the first place!

The last few years have seen a major attitude shift as these same Lightworkers have started to see that it’s OK to be paid for their time, skill and education. Why shouldn’t it be? Some Western doctors have charged exorbitant fees for decades on the premise that they should be reimbursed for the years of college and the expenses incurred there. The average Lightworker probably has at least as much education and training as the average medical doctor. I know people who have studied and trained for decades in order to be able to teach and heal for free! The insanity of this double standard never ceases to amaze me and I’m thrilled to see us finally beginning to move beyond it.

Money as a Tool

Today more and more spiritually oriented people are beginning to view money as a tool that can help them to be more effective in their life’s work. To these people having a lot of money is not about a big house or a fancy car or any of the ego bound trappings of wealth. Rather it’s about being able to promote their classes and create better materials and tools for their students and being able to empower more people.

The reality of our modern world is that money is important. Very few of us are willing to give away everything we own and live a path of poverty and asceticism as an example to others. While I’m certainly not knocking that path and those called to it, the point here is that there are other paths and other groups of people that we have to make contact with.

The ability to use money effectively and manifest abundance is a skill set of its own. It’s what the rest of this book is about.
© 2007 by Robert Morgen

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Robert Morgen experienced a near-death kundalini awakening in 1992.

He's the author of 'Awaken Your Inner Power!' and 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur'