The challenges that you face in experiencing life on this planet are enormous, and yet each person makes the decision to willingly (or maybe not so willingly!) be involved in the grand experiment that is unfolding on your planet at this time! Your Light, love, wisdom, and knowledge were needed in order to help human consciousness make the shift from darkness into Light. We Angels hold you in the highest regard for choosing to be born into a world filled with so much negativity, which takes form as fear, scarcity, and powerlessness-- the results of being taught, and then accepting, that you are disconnected from your own Divinity, a misguided belief that says all power to create, experience, and make yourself whole lies outside of you, when in truth, the power to do all those things, the TRUE Kingdom of Heaven, has always been a place within you.

What's hardest for most to endure, is the subconscious memories of "home". Planet Earth is very unlike the peaceful, loving place and space that you originate from. And while your mission here holds the greatest importance to all those seen and unseen, it is you who has to muddle through all the muck that keeps everyone from clearly seeing that there is so much more to their own existence than just "surviving"-- there is love, joy, creativity, and communion with one another in a place that is surrounded by the beauty of nature... if they could only open their eyes long enough to see it. And yet, herein is where you find your mission-- to be the one who is awakened, to be the one who helps others open their own eyes to the Light they have disconnected themselves from, to remind others, as you have yourself, that heaven is not a place outside of you, it is a place within you, and when you find that place within you, your "home" can be ANYWHERE.

As things continue to fall apart so that the new energies can emerge, there will be times when you may only see glimpses of that Light, but it is always there, and the more you remember who you really are, the more you remind others who they really are, and the more you surround yourself with like-minded individuals who hold the same memories and the same Light, the faster the shift will occur, so that you are not just seeing glimpses of it, you are experiencing it in totality, the way it was meant to be all along.

When you learn to embrace your mission, when you remember the importance of why you came here in the first place, even in the midst of all that is going on within you and around you...shift happens :-)

The Angels
Channeled by Dorie Bowlin

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Dorie Bowlin is a Spiritual Messenger and Teacher, Metaphysician, and Reiki Master Teacher. To learn more about her and to sign up to receive free daily angel messages in your email, visit