Any weight loss diet is only as effective as the willingness of the person dieting to stick with the diet's requirements. Eating, in general, is such a complex combination of nutrition, pleasure, and other psychological factors, that the motivation to adopt and practice a particular eating regime to lose weight may prove extremely difficult. Often, the person is torn between conflicting motivations, simultaneously needing certain foods and eating habits for a sense of well-being, and yet acutely aware of the harm this form of eating can do to her or his self-esteem, health, career, and social life. All in all, successful weight loss dieting may need the extra help provided by one of the most effective mental tools available, self hypnosis.

The self hypnosis diet is based on two types of ideas, suggested to the dieter during the hypnosis. First, once the person has carefully researched the weight loss diet to be followed, the specific diet requirements may be formed into suggestions and included in the self hypnosis. These ideas are crafted to reflect the precise needs of the diet, even mentioning certain foods and other particulars. A second type of hypnosis diet idea to be suggested is motivational. Motivational ideas may consist of the most powerful reasons for the person to remain on the diet, to make the diet a success. Again, these may be worded precisely, to suit the thinking of the person, although a skilled professional can prepare an effective "generic" weight loss recording, too.

There is sometimes a mistaken notion that hypnosis will directly cause your body to shed excess weight. That's not how it really works. So, why is hypnosis so effective for dieting? Think of it like this: hypnosis can't change the weather, but it can help you to remember to bring your umbrella, which will keep you nice and dry. In other words, no amount of wishing or willing can change the physical laws, but hypnosis can certainly enhance your ability to deal with them. Since every diet, Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc., has a special set of rules to follow, hypnosis can be especially helpful in the realm of compliance. Most of the reputable diets are designed by nutrition experts and usually based on pretty sound science. If the rules are followed, the weight comes off. The real task of the person dieting is not to re-invent the diet, it's simply to stick with the diet and by following the rules, reap the benefits. Hypnosis is a fabulous tool to enhance any dieter's ability to follow those all-important rules, no matter what the program may be.

A professionally prepared self hypnosis mp3, cd, or tape can be a life-long tool in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Often, weight loss dieters feel helpless and alone in their uphill climb. A good hypnosis recording is an oasis of personal pleasure and strength in this struggle. I urge you to let hypnosis be your secret dieting weapon!

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The work of licensed mental health counselor Richard Blumenthal has been published in such esteemed journals as Medical Hypnoanalysis, The International Journal of Psychosomatics, The Journal of Human Behavior and Learning, and The British Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Mr. Blumenthal is a pioneer in the therapeutic use of hypnosis. He is the originator of Rational Suggestion Therapy, and the inventor of HypnoSoft Self Hypnosis Software, located at, for which he was awarded a United States patent. Hypnosis mp3 recordings by Mr. Blumenthal are available at