Are the people portrayed in “The Secret” extraordinary—one in a million—or are they just like the rest of us? One way to decide would be to look at their success and compare that with yours. If you believe they are special, somehow exceptional, write off the experiment as unworthy of attention. Yet, if “The Secret” is still playing in the back of your mind, you might want to consider an alternative that opens the possibility of realizing your goals.

The Secret” has it right, as far as it goes. We absolutely are the creators of our lives. We are creating our worlds by our thoughts. But, if that is so, why is it that so many of us can’t get the formula to work in quite the same way?

Seven fears are currently creating our lives and will continue to until dismantled. Positive thoughts are stronger than negative, but until we understand our dark side we can’t clearly see the energy and passion we subconsciously put into maintaining our status quos. If our conscious thoughts were the entire picture, creating the world we want would be easy, but the majority of people are unaware of most of their thoughts. In fact, if you just started trying to harness your thoughts for your secret experiment, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Many more thoughts lie beneath the surface.

We are to ask, believe and receive. So what is it we want? That is the BIG question. Take a long look at your life. What you see is what your thoughts say you want. There is probably a pretty big disconnect between the reality in which you live and your preferred picture. It doesn’t seem quite possible that you are choosing this life, but you are. If you are willing to accept that responsibility, you have taken a step into, what I call, the moment of awareness. It is from this point you can begin to choose deliberately, but first you must understand what you were choosing and why.

What do you believe? In the words of “The Secret” what are you attracted to? Do you know? Many of us are attracted to drama. Are you? Does something within like the extreme highs and lows? Perhaps you see abundance as somehow corrupt. How do you feel about the wealthy? Do you believe in your magnificence or does something within you, not only believe, but know you aren’t enough. That sense of not being enough is one of the seven fears. What do you believe? Until you unravel your beliefs and see how the seven fears play out in your life, they’re in control. You might have a degree of success with “The Secret” but there will always be a sense of something more you can’t quite reach.

The slower route to happiness and fulfillment is actually advantageous. Working through your fears gives you access to different information than what your mind would choose for you. When you don’t work through the fears you continue attempting to create your perfect world—the world whose perfection is formed by a fearful mind—and believe that the next job, the perfect house, the little red dress, or something equally insignificant will bring happiness. Find a little success and it’s apparent pretty quickly that what you thought would do the trick was only one step along a never ending path.

Instant success with “The Secret” might actually dampen true abundance. If we realized we can indeed, have whatever we choose just by believing, we might miss out on a grander design. If I had been able to realize my dreams of ten years ago I would have missed out on a divine plan that has given me far more than I could have ever imagined. possible. How do you ask for that? The only way I have found is to dive deeply into the seven fears and discover who I am without them. When I genuinely understood the truth of my real identity, I realized that everything in my world can be used to manifest the Universe’s only purpose—an awakening to love. We want what we want because of the fears. Work through the fears first and then see whether manifesting your mind’s dream still holds the same importance.

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Gayle Gregory is co-author of “The Grand Experiment, an Expedition of Self-Discovery”. Gayle and her three partners, work with individuals and businesses to radically transfigure personal patterns and alter business foundations to re-energize meaning in all aspects of life. For more about her work visit