Chapter from the the Book ' The Psychology of Rapid Self Employment Achievement Plan'

The Psychology of Conative Connection Part 4
How to Use Your Instinct to Success

You do not need a PhD to comprehend what makes 1+1=2, but you must ' endeavour ' to ' comprehend' a process of success before you can have an intention, positive belief and so on. After all, many success lovers have the 'intention' the positivity, the passion, but don't ' comprehend' the function and structure that motivate the subject to become permanently successful. The psychology of the rapid self-employment planning is the organism and substance that not only provides you with the tools of neuropsychology to succeed, but also to maintain success permanently.

I am not suggesting that you should sit an exam paper to become successful; I am saying that, you must be discerning when choosing whatever success or business program your have in mind.

Mentoring, business coaching should not be any different from conventional teaching methodology. As former students, we succeeded not by listening to a teacher, but by doing, reading, researching, comprehending, as well as by writing assignments and dissertations.

While you are preparing to start a business, you can empower yourself, by allocating specific time for basic understanding of what I have instructed you to implement in these chapters. I have included the most important learning strategies for you, instructive information, and practical knowledge that will most certainly help realise your dreams, if you follow through the conative principles.

I remember back in the 90's before I overcame my illiteracy, no matter how much I have tried to be positive, have an intention, take action, love, be in a state of gratitude, things were simply wishy washy, and I lived in a wishful world, achieving zero results. New age meditation and current success programs and books about becoming millionaire in 12 months, some even claim you can transform your life in seven days! is insulting to human intelligence, and will not work.


Because I have tried to implement the new age success gurus, without understanding the function and structure of thinking, and what goes on in our own brain, though positive thinking was nice, gave me some hope, but it did not make me rich in any sense of the imagination, until I begun to comprehend the conation factor of the mind, clarifying my purpose, established my mission, learnt to ignite emotions, and implemented the conative factors of the mind

The Psychology of self-employment Rapid planning method must begin with the self, starting with self-assessment, identifying areas of strength and areas that requires more positive instinctual input, such as increasing the burning flame of your desire, comprehending the psychological components of success, and study it!

Donald Trump and Anthony Robbins can't possible be wrong, when they say that you should study wealth. After all, you have studied other subjects to be where you are now. So I spent some time studying philosophy, and the psychology of teaching. Now it is about time to study success by implementing the methodology of teaching if you are a coach, or hire a qualified coach who is fit to implement the psychology of coaching. Such as ensuring

adequate instruction
sufficient exposure and practice
Sufficient word recognition skills
Enhancing memory capacity and functioning
fostering empowerment and creativity
assessment of learners to make sure comprehension monitoring and self-evaluation is established, and that learners needs are met.
Familiarity with text features and task demands, both philosophical, and scientific
Developed strategies and methodologies

I have sought knowledge from different source; I read Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump mindset, and Anthony Robbins. They paint the picture of success; they take us by the hand, and show us where success leaves clues. I have also read neuropsychology of achievement, and did research in this area to comprehend how to access my own conation, (instinctive cognition) which is an important factor to success.

No matter where you are right now, at zero point, half way or growing, you can never know it all, so when you give in 100% you and your business will grow exponentially. There is always a flux in the universe, and so our ideas, our knowledge expands into infinity. There is always something missing to access the unfamiliar.

One way to ensure that your business grows exponentially is thinking big. Donald Trump suggests that we should have ten deals, going on at the same time, and your main focus, should at least be on two top residual incomes, while you are nurturing the others strategically as well.

Please do take care in your search for knowledge and wisdom.

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Andre Zizi is a philosopher, qualified teacher, NLP facilitator, trained in the educational psychology. His specialty is in the area of mental toughness and emotional mastery, stress, the psychology and process of business start ups, relationship conflict, how to prevent or overcome an illness and or how to achieve dream goals.

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