Chapter from the the Book ' The Psychology of Rapid Self Employment Achievement Plan'

The Psychology of Conative Connection Part 3
How to Use Your Instinct to Success

Comprehension the cure of all anxieties

Returning back to our concerns and anxieties about our future success sustainability, and security, for which can only be secured by the comprehension of our neuropsychology, and then put that understanding into practice.

Many people keep asking questions:

How to build business? can you find me business opportunity, how to achieve success, how to make money the easy way, do I need business coach, guide to business start up, etc. My answer is often formulated in a form of a question, ask, how to achieve personal power the rapid way, how to get the edge, how to achieve peak performance, as opposed to the questions about how to start a business.

do we need to understand how thought and feeling are correlated? and if we do understand it, How do we put our understanding into practice? Well, if you do understand the neural correlative consciousness, and neural association of pain and pleasure, you will unlock the mystery of what makes one person a success, and another a failure.

those who failed followed the current success program hype without understanding, researching, and doing their home work.

I suggest you stay away from the hype of " become millionaire" books, cds and audio success program promises, get science facts, don't say *I am successful* until you ' comprehend' the structure and function of what makes A gets to B = results. Because when we affirm that we are successful before arriving, the subconscious mind will think that it is already successful, and therefore, will not bother taking action. Think about it.

we do not get results by thinking positive, or by having an 'intention' and affirming success, we first ' comprehend ' the theory well, so if you are coached by success NLP coach, demand neuropsychology explanation. If they just tell you, think positive, and write your goals, and start taking action, without looking at your seven intelligences, without initial assessment, or diagnostic, run!

imagine, you enrol in an academic course, you don t get your teacher telling you to be positive, have intention, have faith, have love, and start that company, and hey presto, you succeed, you are obliged to ' comprehend' and write an assignment, or dissertation, sit the exam paper, to justify you have understood the subject of your related business, vision and goal, then you will need the experience to make it in the big wide world of business.

If what I have just said is untrue, then Anthony Robbins, the father of neuro associative success programming would not have bothered to send his children to private school to ensure that they will get a first class education. After all he is a success guru, why didn't he keep his children home, and motivated them to succeed by the teaching them the law of intention, belief, and positive thinking alone? Think about it.

The Psychology of Self Employment book that I have written is not so much about academic qualification, but is it so much about' comprehension', it is about understand simple arithmetic of psychology, it about the neuro association of pain and pleasure, and how to use them to your great advantage, rather than using the current hype of the two days success program.

What is really lacking in the current success programs, or business coaching?

Research shows that most people who attend Home Bases Business or success seminars relapse into their old habits of failure, and become more depressed. As a teacher, I observed how those success or business seminars lack the teaching methodology, scientific knowledge and philosophical temperament. This led me to create learning materials that stretch the learning period in a coherent way to ensure learning is taking place as opposed to the current 'two days' success studies.

Educationalists will tell you that the following defects are barriers to learning. such as:

inadequate instruction
insufficient exposure and practice
Deficient word recognition skills
Deficient memory capacity and functioning
significant language deficiencies
inadequate comprehension monitoring and self-evaluation
Unfamiliarity with the seven intelligences of individuals, text features and task demands, Unfamiliarity with philosophical, and neuropsychology
Undeveloped strategies.
Insufficient time for learning

The Psychology of comprehension is of paramount importance to learners, because the introduction to 'can do' and 'go get it' positive attitude is nice but it does not ensure long term and permanent success, if individuals don't comprehend the reasons behind their actions, and how to think and sustain success permanently.

'if it takes many 'spiritual' words to say what you have in mind, give it more thought'.

The objective of my Freedom Education books is not to cover certain set topics but to facilitate, accelerate learning and thinking. In considering the subject objectives

1) To remember general goals such as how to think your way to success, being willing to explore ideas contrary to ones own beliefs, knowing which data or information are relevant and how to find the information to support your desired outcome.

for example: how to break through barriers to success (Getting into self employment) career change, business partnership, overcoming illnesses, to name a few, such as

Overcoming procrastination the rapid way, the neuro associative way.
Overcoming depression,
Overcoming panic disorder,
Overcoming anger,
Overcoming illiteracy,
Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder,
Overcoming fatigue, and lethargy,
Overcoming anxiety over excess weight,
Overcoming setbacks,
Overcoming literacy problems etc.

Please do take care in your search for knowledge and wisdom.

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Andre Zizi is a philosopher, qualified teacher, NLP facilitator, trained in the educational psychology. His specialty is in the area of mental toughness and emotional mastery, stress, the psychology and process of business start ups, relationship conflict, how to prevent or overcome an illness and or how to achieve dream goals.

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