Excerpted from "The Psychology of Rapid Self Employment Achievement Plan"

The Psychology of Conative Connection Part2 -
How to Use Your Instinct to Success

The psychological arithmetic process of success:


Your results are directly correlated intention attention balance
Energy flows where attention goes

Your Desire carries energy
Your intention carries energy
Your attention carries energy
Love carries energy
Belief carries energy
Action carries energy
Results carry energy

Unless you truly love your service, or your products, you won't make it to the finish line of success. However, you will still need to ' comprehend' that the function processes of ' energy of love' energy of belief', action and results are forms of energy derived from your conative power (instinct) when ignited, it follows the rules of arithmetic.

Arithmetic clearly shows us that 1+1=2 and not 3, if you want to reach 3, you will have to add a 1 to reach 3, so on and so forth. There is no short cut to 3, similarly, there is no short cut to wealth. However, there are fast strategic models to success

Imagine this:

Intention + attention + love = unwavering belief + action = results.

You can't have one without the others, they are correlated one after the other, so if you have a skill but not the love for that skill, you lose the skill, and vis-versa. When I say love, I don't mean the kind of love that is mentalized, but the love that is heartalized. It is the feeling of believing, the feeling of seeing in your mind's eye, the kind of success you desire, you praise, you thank, you bring about by taking action

Once you understand how things work, you can consciously reproduce them mentally and physically. Until you comprehend the conative success behaviour, you leave it to chance, and leaving your intention to chance has high probability risk failure.

Now, you may become successful for a year, but how can you sustain your long-term success? It is important to prepare yourself to understand the law of sustainability.

You see that there are number of short-lived successful people around, and very few are long term successful, why is that? Because their psychological arithmetic is faulty, why do I think that? Because despite understanding the correlation of intention, attention, and love and belief, which motivates the subject to take action and achieve results, however, the long term success is left to chance. many success enthusiasts try to get results from the concept of 1+1 = 3, rather than 1+1+1=3.

The content of neuro association leads to failure or success

Now if you think about it, your desire, intention, attention love, belief, action, and results are triggered by neuro associative re-enforcement of pain and pleasure. This is so important neurological science fact that you must understand. That is to say that our consciousness seems to be inherently representational, so consciousness seems to have representational content, for which it allows us to see things in certain way, such as our ideas of things, colour, shapes, and people.

Now to chunk this information into further explanation of consciousness, one may say that consciousness is part of a neural network, and that neurons having a representational content, for which the neuroscience philosopher David Chalmers discusses it is as being "Neural Correlative Consciousness when it gets the content right, when that content represents the content of consciousness"

When you think about what Chalmers says, it seems that we are talking about one thing of the same with two different terminologies, or as it is suggested by Crick and Koch that consciousness can be explained as access consciousness and phenomenal consciousness. Take for example the ideas of water and h2o are different ideas of the same thing existing in the brain.

If you are interested to investigate this further, you can look it up in some recent papers by Crick and Koch raise an interesting scientific and philosophic arguments.

However, our task here is to simplify our understanding of consciousness, that neuro associative mental events of pain and pleasure is what motivate the human race to take action, it is this neuro association of pain and pleasure that move humans to action, and without these two neuro psychological processes, we would not be able to function in our life.

Part 3 of this chapter will follow shortly.

Please do take care in your search for knowledge and wisdom.
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