Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an amazing technique that effectively rebalances the body’s energy field releasing harmful blockages and relieving the body of physical and emotional distress. It often works when nothing else will and often permanently. I teach and use EFT finding it the perfect compliment to hypnosis for powerful changes to the belief system.
Recently I found myself using EFT in the Emergency room of a Hospital. Isolated in a room waiting to see a Doctor, my daughter and I listened to the disturbed, hysterical crying of a small child down the hall in another room. The little boy was screaming for his Daddy to take him home, and pleading for the medical staff to leave him alone. I can only imagine the distress to all who were attempting to help this small child who obviously didn’t understand what was happening and was frightened beyond reason. His screaming was broken only by his racking sobs as he gasped for breath. The staff was working feverishly to help this child, but several minutes later, he was still quite hysterical and screaming. Finding ourselves almost in tears listening to this, I told my daughter that I was going to try some EFT. She questioned the fact that I could neither see nor touch the child, and I certainly wouldn’t be allowed to go to his emergency room down the hall to offer aid. I explained that I was going to use surrogate tapping in which I tapped myself with the intention of helping the child. You might consider this distance tapping. How can this possibly have any effect when I am not directly tapping the person themselves? We are all interconnected through our energy fields or bodies and by focusing my intention and my attention on the child, you can effect a change. My intention was for the highest good of the child…relieving his distress caused by what I surmised to be his fear of what was happening. All he understood was that he was in pain and to him the medical staff scared him by seeming to inflict even more pain (drawing blood etc.) I began by tapping myself while focusing on the child saying to myself “Even though I am scared and in pain, I know that these people are trying to help me”. Then I tapped with the phrase “Even though I’m scared and I want my Daddy to take me home and he won’t, I know he loves me”. Next came “Even though my Daddy is letting these people do things to me that I don’t understand and I am scared, I know he loves me very much”. I continued on in much the same way, simply tapping as if I were the child…focusing on what he must be feeling and how he would be interpreting it all. Within a few rounds, you could hear the difference in the child’s voice, and within 5 minutes, he had stopped his screaming and was more controlled. My daughter was quite amazed at the noticeable change in the child. Did my EFT tapping and focused good intention cause this drastic change in this hurting child? I cannot say for certain, but certainly nothing else had worked to calm the child. Perhaps a sedative had been administered? Since the child was being taken for x-rays and tests it is unlikely that something would have been given that might have interfered with their results.
I could easily have reasoned away the child’s change and not given EFT credit had it not been for a similar incident on an airplane. This time it was a small baby screaming uncontrollably. The airline staff and the Mother tried everything to soothe but the baby was inconsolable. I sat several rows behind and began my EFT tapping focusing my positive intention and attention upon the baby. Within a few rounds, the baby was sound asleep and blissful for the remainder of the flight. In this case, I know for certain that nothing else used had worked, even with a delayed reaction, so it definitely was the EFT.
In both cases my intention was directed at the person for their highest good and EFT helped. I have had many such experiences and can only say what an amazing and powerful tool this is. Don’t hesitate…learn EFT and empower yourself and others!!

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Jackie Hofmann is a Certified Hypnotist and EFT-ADV Practitioner who offers personal, group and corporate workshops in EFT as well as Specialty EFT workshops in Weight Loss, Abundance, Golf etc. Her hypnosis and subliminal CDs are used worldwide with her In-home Stop Smoking Program achieving an 85% success rate!
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