As a mind/body mentor I coach from a system I came up with to "wake up to consciousness". Sometimes we must go through some muck of the past in order to move forward with our lives. To some people this is a stopping point. I believe it is VERY important to be able to “Appreciate EVERY Moment — Not Just the Good Ones“. To look back at some of those “hardest” times in our life and pay gratitude to them for the lessons learned. I often say I am grateful for my years of dis-ease and extreme chronic pain. If I had not endured years of illness I would surely not have the passion for healing that I do today.

Some people get “stuck” on my first step “Pardoning” and say there is “no way” they can forgive someone for what they did.

Pardoning is not saying that you agree with whatever was done to you. It IS saying that you are no longer letting it hold you back, you are accepting that it happened and you are CHOOSING to move forward with your life.

Deepak Chopra’s quote helped me the most on this: “You must realize everyone is doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness”. Also self-forgiveness is key! I have written on “Self love” and “self forgiveness” and cannot stress how important these factors are for moving forward with your life.

I do not frequently share my poetry. It is something I am making myself become more comfortable with as I “Face My Fears”. To write this I sat down with the intention “I want to write a poem about my Paging Me System” and 10 minutes later this was born. So excuse the roughness and I hope you enjoy it!

The “Paging Me System” is what I coach from
a method of healing adopted by me.
I realized I have not yet clearly defined it publicly
so let’s begin with the letter P.

P is for Pardoning, yourself and others
a step “difficult” for some two-fold.
You have to fall in love with yourself
AND let go of blame, often deep seeded and OLD.

Cutting the thick ropes
that have kept you anchored in the past
Allows for freedom, power and forward motion
the future is yours at last!

A is for Attention Shifting
from what is bad or hurts to what is right.
Wayne Dyer’s quote “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”
can help you to see things in a new light.

If you have a pain that is recurring
one you feel physically or emotionally within
after observing the cause, shift to what parts are painless
Concentrate on letting the positive emotion for that pain free part win.

G is for Gratitude for EVERYTHING
My favorite healing tool of all
because when you stop to FEEL all that is good
you can suddenly appear 10 feet tall!

From the air you breathe, people you love, having clothes and food
you can suddenly realize abundance is all around.
When you stop and really EXPERIENCE this at its deepest level
more goodness is sure to abound.

I is for Influences, keep them positive
from news, movies and books to the friends that you choose.
Remember true all-weather friendships win
Energy vampires suck your energy, too precious for you to lose.

N is for No Negative “Self talk”
Turn it around to say it a positive way.
Even a long wait in the grocery store shifted to positive time for reflection
can change your outlook on the day.

G is for Goal setting which is crucial
if you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there?
It is important to set mini goals to guide you
Think of it as climbing stair by stair.

M is for Meditation
which can simply be some quiet time.
A walk through nature, some deep breaths
to soothe the non stop ego-ic mind.

E is for Education
Your mind is YOURS for you to teach.
When you are learning things you are passionate about
the whole world is suddenly within reach.

This is the Paging Me System put simply
these steps are what helped to heal me.
It will be two years in January 2009
I have been pain and pain pill free!

Author's Bio: 

Jenny Mannion is an author that used the mind/body connection and the law of attraction to heal herself from several diseases. She maintains blogs on healing from within as well as is a reconnective healing practitioner.