I first discovered the One Decision almost by accident. Now, as I look back, I see that I had already been living my life in accordance with my One Decision, but I didnt have any inclination that I had actually made such a choice. In fact, I didnt even have a name for it.

It was only after several of my husbands advanced students at the Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning began coming to me for my consciousness and spiritual development courses. It was when I began helping them to find the deeper meaning they yearned for that I found the One Decision. Most of them were unusually doing well in their marriages, as parents, and in business. The majority of them had advanced college degrees, many from top schools. Through my husbands parallel business, they were exceptionally trained in a wide range of personal development areas communications, teamwork, project management, and even intimacy skills. Their lives were exemplary, but they seemed to be lacking something.

It occurred to me that while they had decided to grow and expand personally, they had not dedicated themselves, or given themselves over to, the greater MORE in life. As I began to work with them, they began to have remarkable insights. And these breakthroughs all initiated by one very remarkable shift. It was as if all the progress they had made previously was just practicing for the day they would make one very important choice. I began to identify and recognize this shift for what it was: the One Decision.

After these students had made their One Decision, all their activities and strivings had an astonishing synergy, influencing every area of their lives. Where they may have had marriage or business success before, now both were flourishing at new levels. And this was the case for all areas of their livesfrom their body and health to relationships to finances to career to family. These successful people had leapt forward into an entirely new way of being, and their resolution was what brought them there. I recognized this commitment only because I had chosen it for myself earlier in my life.

Author's Bio: 

JUDITH WRIGHT is hailed as a world-class coach, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant. She is cofounder of the Wright Institute for Lifelong Learning. See her press release her book, "One Decision".