Self esteem is your own personal view of yourself physically,
mentally, and emotionally. Everyone has a different view of
themselves, but keeping a positive outlook will benefit you more
than a negative one.

Many individuals suffer from low self
esteem for a variety of reasons and need to build their self
esteem in order to succeed in life. Remember, the only one who
can make you excel is you and no one else. The same goes for
self esteem.

The only person who can build up-or consequentially
tear down-your self esteem is you. Although other individuals
may aide the process, the end decision is yours.

People have low esteem for a variety of reasons. Some
individuals suffer from poor body image and focus on all the
negative traits of their physical appearance. Others have
emotional issues that have caused their self esteem to drop or
feel themselves unworthy of any praise.

For whatever reasons your self esteem may falter, the key to
building it up again is to find the root of the problem.

Think of self esteem like a house, if you build a stunning house
on a poor foundation, the entire structure will crumble.

However, if you take steps to ensure the foundation is strong
and capable of holding anything, the process may be slow, but
your self esteem will be built soundly.

Many individuals look for help for their low self esteem in books
or seminars. The number of available options on the market is
phenomenal, and you are sure to find one on a topic that deals
with your specific issues. Check out your local library or book
store and explore their "self help" section for a book that you
may find helpful.

It is quite unlikely you will find the answers
to all your problems in a book, but you may find it helpful to
know others are in your same boat and you are certainly not
alone. Additionally, you may wish to seek professional help in
your quest to boost your self esteem.

Often, speaking with a qualified individual can help you
the root of your problem and the necessary path you should take
for the rebuilding process. Perhaps your problems dates back to
childhood, or maybe it has recently developed. Whatever the
case,a professional will be able to best determine your next step.

A main factor in self esteem is negativity. Negative thoughts
can pervade your confidence and crumble your self esteem. If you
find yourself surrounded by negative people or in a negative
situation, try to best remedy the problem.

Often, individuals in a abusive relationship have their
self esteem shattered when a supposed loved one constantly
berates them and questions their worth. Similarly, a negative
workplace environment can lower your self esteem with colleagues
or bosses finding fault with your work. Maybe you have a friend
who is consistently negative with all surrounding him or her.

Whatever the source, distancing
yourself from the negativity will help you regain your self
esteem. Strive to surround yourself with positive people. If
you are going through a rough time in your personal life, you may
wish to join a support group.

Similarly, there are support groups available for individuals
with self image issues. These groups will allow you to meet
other individuals like yourself and
provide a forum for you to sound your hopes and achievements.

However you choose to begin building your self esteem, do so
today! Be thorough and consistent with the process and be aware
it may take a while. You should not become impatient or
despondent if you find your self esteem slipping. Remember, you
are an important and worthy person and should treat yourself as

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