One thing that the Hot Dog Man (by the way, his name is Bill but no one called him that anymore. He was The Hot Dog Man) learned very quickly once he started to employ others to help in the business was that the quality of staff was critical to his success.

He came to the realisation that a business is only as good as the people employed there and that the people only remain good if they worked in a secure and stable environment. He understood that he should treat his employees at least as well as he expected them to serve his customers.

One of the things that he realised right up front was that his "Up Front" people were about the most important in the business. It didn't matter how good the hot dogs were if the service was bad. It didn't matter how good the ingredients were if the preparation was bad.

He knew that to remain successful he had to attract the right people into the team so he posted this advert on his notice board...

Wanted : People Power

We are looking for people to work with us to grow our organisation.

We need:

People to serve and help customers feel good,
People to serve those who serve.
People to take care of the paperwork.
People to lead and people to follow.

We want:

People who like to work hard and who take pride in their work.
People who respect themselves and enjoy serving others.
People who are honest, industrious, caring and dedicated.
People who want to succeed and want others to succeed too.
People with the courage to admit their mistakes.
People with the maturity to accept correction.
People with vision and with the determination to live their vision.
People who are willing to learn and make a difference.
People who are keen to be part of the solution.

Our Aim

To provide the best service possible to ensure customer satisfaction
To provide the best employment practices possible to ensure employee satisfaction.
To employ the best people possible to ensure employer satisfaction.
To implement responsible & ethical financial practices to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.
To implement the best management practices possible to ensure overall satisfaction.

We Know

That people will talk about us if we give them something to talk about.
We believe that our reputation is our most precious, and most fragile, asset so
We believe that it is our responsibility to deal with all people in such a way
That when people talk about us they say what we would be proud to hear.

Our Guiding Principle

In all things
Strive first to identify
and fulfil your responsibilities
before you insist on asserting your rights

If you feel you qualify and can comply then come in and tell us why.
A word of caution to the wise. Tell the truth we don't want no lies.
Because for sure we'll put you to the test, as we only want those who'll do their best.


End of episode 2

This is a fairly long story and will be delivered as a series so watch your inbox for the next exciting episode. Please don't just read it. Think about it. What can you learn from it? How can you apply what you have learned? How does your organisation match up? Would you qualify to apply?

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