What in the world could a common office tool used to create holes in paper have to do with synchronicity? Let’s take a look at what a hole punch is useful for and then I’ll draw my analogy.

The most obvious thing a hole punch does is punch holes. That would seem obvious right? But why do we punch those holes? Primarily we do so in order to gather loose bits of information into a collective whole so that we can bind them together.

Now to my analogy. Synchronicity is most commonly noticeable when we are going through major life transitions. It is during these times that the details of our lives can get out of sorts and the continuity of our lifestyle can get in disarray. When we surrender to the situation, placing our faith in the process, quite often synchronicity will “punch a hole” in our current beliefs and begin to synchronize and gather the elements of change together.

In many traditions we are taught that there is a sort of “veil” between the world we see and the hidden world of the higher intelligence. It is through this veil that the hole gets punched. It is through this hole that we can see a small indication of an omnipotent presence orchestrating events. Funny that we can also equate this to another hole, this one from a popular children’s bedtime story, Alice in Wonderland. So just how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? It is when you begin to look at the hole itself that you can get that glimpse of the greatness beyond the veil. Often we get so startled and excited by the synchronicity itself that we don’t even think to take a look at the hands that guide it. We have a terrific opportunity in these moments to become acquainted with something much deeper and meaningful than we imagine. Simply taking a moment to reach back through that hole with gratitude and attention can gain us access to a connection with our source. Doing so can greatly increase the interaction.

Synchronicity deals with the realm of time and timing and it is on this “track” of time that synchronicity builds a progressively unified meaning to our lives. This is the discovery and playing out of our purpose in life. It is through these holes that I have built my image of God from the collection of cameo appearances he has made in my life. It is also through these holes that I have constructed the emerging picture of my life’s purpose.

So what if we could begin taking the handles of that hole punch and begin creating our own holes? Could we gain a greater glimpse of our own purpose and the signature of our creator if we simply challenged our own beliefs? For much of our lives we live in a box of our own creation. This box is often imposing and constrains us to run on a linear track whose speed limit and direction are determined by our belief systems. By introducing new beliefs to challenge our old ones, setting aside our presumptions about reality, we can punch a hole into a greater universe. By punching holes in our box we allow the light of divinity to shine through.

When we begin challenging our own assumptions, we find we can do more, be more, have more and most importantly give more. If we are truly made in the image of our maker, is it not our responsibility to do so? Empowering ourselves by modeling the higher intelligence, perhaps we can begin creating synchronicity for one another, just the right things at the right time for everyone we meet. Then perhaps we’ll have a new earth.

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Bill White, The Synchronicity Expert is an internationally recognized author, speaker and coach. Bill is also the editor-in-chief of Synchronicity In Your Life magazine. You can discover how to unleash the amazing power of synchronicity in your life by subscribing for free at synchronicityinyourlife.com.