95% of the people who I've seen attempt this technique had overwhelming success in just two sessions! You too will be forced to come to terms with your own Amazing Sixth Sense as the simple proof on the sheet of paper stares back at you!

The Problem that keeps most from becoming Great
Of all the ways to develop your Sixth Sense, the absolute best way is still to give live readings on strangers. The great dynamics of it just can't be imitated.

The problem is that for most beginners this sounds a little scary. No one wants to look like a fool in front of a complete stranger.

Well, here's a tool that gives nearly all the benefits of practice with live strangers without the potential embarrassment and pressure that comes with first introducing yourself and sitting down with a complete stranger!

The 'Taking Off List' below will build up confidence quickly. It is a great tool for beginners and will show you how a Reading starts with basic observation and leads into full trust of the intuition.

It will also teach you what to look for and the different ways you can sense data in a person.

Once you have a few good sessions with the sheet you may find you're ready for the Verbal Reading which is more fluid and intuitive - make this your goal.
The Technique that will make you Great
Go to a local coffee house, bookstore, train, or any other semi-social place where people are stationary for five minutes. Select a person who you can see fairly well and get started using 'Taking Off List' below.

Hey hey! Don't stare...just look and take a visual snapshot...better yet, a 'feeling snapshot'...and work from that. Write your answers quickly, even if they seem like sheer guesswork.

When you're done, go up to your victim and say this: "Hi there, I'm Jason. I'm actually doing some research on the existence of the Sixth Sense. I'm not a psychic, I just thought it would be fun to see if any of the stuff I wrote down was anywhere close to accurate. What do you think?" And hand them your sheet.

The thing to remember is this: they are hanging out in the coffee shop - why? Because they're boooooooard! Now you're their savior - you're entertainment! They more than likely will be stoked to play along. But you're already done with the reading, so there's no pressure! And you already said you're not a psychic so who cares if you're wrong?

Make sure you write 'hit' on each accurate guess. If you are partially right or reasonably close mark it a hit. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt - you're just learning.

Rinse, Repeat...
Things to Remember!
Write in your interpretations. The more detail the better; if you keep getting info, keep going even if it's unrelated.

Draw from the initial sensation or feeling. The faster and less hesitant your answers the more accurate you will be.

Readings should feel light and fun, if you feel grinding difficulty, remember to stop and reset yourself with a deep breath and try again. Don't drain yourself - keep it fun!
The Taking Off List
1. How would you describe their disposition or personality?

2. Would you say they are Introverted or Extroverted?

3. Are they more organized or free-flowing?

4. How do you feel their political ideology is inclined? (e.g. liberal, socialist, moderate, conservative, authoritative, radical)

5. What hobbies do you see them taking part in?

6. What kinds of careers do you suppose they have had?

7. Do you feel they are an artist? If so, what kind?

8. How do you feel about their physical health?

9. What kind of living space do you see them in?

10. What kinds of foods do you think they enjoy?

11. Describe where are they from or where have they lived?

12. Rate the closeness they have with each of their parents?

13. . What is their favorite color?

14. Do they have children? If so, how many? Male or female?

15. Do you feel they have ever had a near-death experience?

16. What fears do you feel they may have?

17. What kinds of things do they desire?

18. What do you think lies ahead of them in life?

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