So often we are told that to get ahead we have to have "Big Goals" Well, I'm not so sure that this is the right thing to do. I think that many of us are having enough of a struggle just being ordinary and we certainly don't need someone coming along telling us that our lives are meaningless because we haven't, in their opinion, done magnificent things with our lives.

Firstly I think that we must acknowledge the support group. No one has ever done anything "magnificent" without a, sometimes very large, support group of ordinary people. Just think of how many people it takes to get one person up a mountain or across the channel. The adventure programs on TV certainly illustrate this. We all sit in awe of the presenters as they dive into caves, scale heights and stalk animals. But they have the easy job, have you ever given any thought to the "ordinary" camera crew who have to lug all that equipment around to keep our intrepid explorer in the lime light. They work much harder than the presenter does.

Secondly if we are always feeling like underachievers then it is very difficult to enjoy our lives and to celebrate all the great stuff we have already done. Take the time today, and every day to acknowledge the fact that you have a very important role to play and take pride in the fact that you can play it well.

And just think of this. If we all did "Extra Ordinary" things then they wouldn't be extra ordinary any more they would be ordinary. So just realise that by living your life as well as you can and doing everything as well as you can you are in fact displaying the extra ordinariness of being ordinary.

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