You want to know what 2009 is going to be like? Well, I am going to tell you, so read on!

But first I want to tell you something else: 2009 is going to be the best year ever for me and all people surrounding who will be open enough to listen. Why, how? Because I know it. Because I can see it and feel it. Because it is my clearest, surest and most definite intention.

Now I am going to tell you what 2009 is going to be like for you. There are two possibilities and I invite you to choose.
First, you can carry on as you are. You can keep listening to what people say, to the radio and watch bad news on TV or read the big bad titles in the newspapers. You can look around in stores and pretend that they are empty, you can count the people who have lost their jobs with everybody else, you can remain convinced that Wall Street is falling apart and that Real Estate will never be the same again, and so on and so forth… you can fall into the trap of the media and general negative propaganda so dear to the Western World!

And then 2009 is going to be a seriously gloomy year for you. Not only all of the above is going to happen but you are also likely to get sick, depressed and unhappy. Yes, maybe some of you are in dire straits, but there is a solution. And listening to more of your troubles experienced by others is certainly not going to help!

Second scenario now: As of today, you are going to start thinking of what you WANT to happen for you in 2009. You are going to think strongly about it and select all the important changes you want in the next twelve months. You are going to write them down and on January 2nd, you are going to sit with your partner, husband, wife, kids, brother, sister, best buddy, soul mate, whoever you want and you are going to share them.

You are not just going to list them. You are going to LIVE them. You are going to describe them and feel them and make the people who are listening get as excited for you as you are going to feel as you are telling your stories. If one of your wishes is to get a new car, you are not just going to find a picture to show them but you are going to tell them what you are going to do with the car, like drive across from Florida to California with your kids and stop in the best hotels or camp in the wilderness…

And then when you are done and all excited, that you feel that you are going to get these things, achieve these goals, you are going to stop being a sheep and follow the crowds. You are going to stop watching the news and reading newspapers. You are going to stop watching useless programs on TV that make you believe life should be a certain way. If you don’t believe me, please just humor me and try in just for two weeks. Just for two weeks, make an effort to stop watching TV and listening to the radio or read newspapers. And avoid all conversations where people talk about the recession (?) and the crisis and “oh, what is the world coming to?”. Please just try it.

The last thing that I’d like you to do is to keep the list you just made. Make a better copy maybe, more legible and with pictures and keep it by your bed. Every night, let it be the last thing you look at before you go to sleep and think about it. If you are not alone in bed, share it again and again. Say what you are going to do and get and let yourself fall asleep, still talking. If you are alone in bed, just do the same. If one of your wishes is to get a husband or wife to share the bed with, he/she will be there even faster! And please, don’t stop after a week, just keep at it. There are 365 days in 2009.

I am not making these things up. Many very successful and happy people talked about it before me and lived the life they desired. But too many people have forgotten. We live in a negative world, we live in a Matrix created by too many people thinking and attracting the same negativity based on a selection of so called “news” miles from reality and with no perspective. “News” where the glass is always at least three quarters empty instead of half full.

I believe that 2009 is going to mark the beginning of a new era. Not because of politicians or religious leaders or military leaders. Only because of PEOPLE leaders. People who know that the world is a good place to be, when you look at it properly.

It is your decision, only yours.

Author's Bio: 

Florence Bernard, founder or Better At School is a Parental Consultant and Motivational coach. She offers self-development for parents and children geared towards progress at school but also beyond and authored a book on this topic.,

She is also a successful network marketer with Agel. - +1-954-903-0655