Flowers, candy, massages and gourmet dinners are all wonderful things to do for your loved one – or for yourself if you are single – on Valentine’s Day.

However, the appreciation of those things or the enjoyment of them will only last for a little while. Then the effect and good feelings will fade. What will remain unchanged is the current state of your relationship, or if you are single, your singlehood.

For many people, Valentine’s is secretly the day they hope their relationship will somehow magically turn around and be better from then on. Men and women everywhere secretly hope that their partner will finally get a clue about how to give the love or the consideration that have been needing in the relationship, so that there is a “happily ever after.”

Singles secretly hope that maybe they will finally meet the right partner by this Valentine’s Day and get the love they crave, want and deserve.

The candy, flowers and other things normally given or done on Valentine’s Day will not work that hoped-for magic. They will not permanently remake the relationship, they will not change frustration to happiness nor will they really make up for anything in a relationship. And they certainly will not bring in the right partner.

But you can have that magic you are secretly wishing for. You can have a relationship that works. You can meet the right partner. It may not happen exactly by or on Valentine’s Day, but you can get a good start and feel hopeful about your relationship future. And that may be the best present you can give yourself and/or your partner.

How do you get that magic relationship improvement, or that magic string that pulls your ideal partner to you? Below is the magic formula that will brings real, positive change to your love-life situation and give you the happy ending you want.

Magic Formula To Bring Positive Change To Your Relationship or Single Situation:

1. Diagnose what is not working or what is holding you back from the love you want by answering the following questions:

What is going on in your relationship that is draining away or holding away love? What are you doing to contribute to the situation? What is your partner doing? If you are single, what are you doing and thinking to keep away potential partners?

2. Come up with workable actions that will give you more love by answering the following questions:

What new actions will you take in your relationship to create more love? How will you deal with the feelings you feel when you take those actions? How will you soothe yourself so that you can keep taking the right action? If you are single, what new actions will you take to attract more love? What new thoughts will you think to allow more love? How will you deal with the inevitable disappointment and keep going? How do you soothe yourself so that you can be patient enough to attract the love of your life?

3. Take the action, think the new thoughts and effectively deal with your feelings.

Keep taking the actions you have decided are the right ones and keep thinking the thoughts you have decided are the right thoughts, even when you don’t see results – often results take a while to show up. Effectively deal with your feelings as they come up – and they will come up. Any new behaviors or new thoughts, especially uncomfortable ones, bring up feelings. Do not give up, have faith.

4. Reap the results and keep taking the actions that bring more love.

Enjoy the love you have created, and keep taking more actions to create love. The more loving action you perform, the more love you will have. The more you soothe yourself and think love, the more love you will have. It is a positive cycle that never needs to end.

Simple, yes.
Easy, no.
Doable, absolutely.
Should you work on this? Only if you want the kind of love you have always dreamed of.

Do you want an expert to hold your hand as you work through these steps with your partner or alone? I will be happy to do that for you. With support you, and your partner if you are in a relationship or marriage, are more likely to see positive results quickly, and you are very likely to get more love in your life. See here for how I can help you.-->

More love – now there’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you should give your loved one and/or yourself!

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