"The meaning of our existence is not invented by ourselves, but rather detected." - Victor Frankl

There comes a time in life when we stop trying to play and start focusing on our life goals. For some, this happens very early. Sadly, others will never recognize this revelation no matter how old they get. There are 70-year-old men who are content to get wasted every night, engage in fights, and chase loose women at the local bar. It follows that age does not necessarily beget wisdom.

You can recognize when you are compelled to take a more mature approach to your life because you will find yourself studying more. You will read more non-fiction and devour gigs of Wikipedia articles. There comes a point when your mind becomes so exhausted by pleasure and immediate forms of gratification that a new desire emerges which can only be satisfied through a more meaningful pursuit. There just has to be more to life than frivolous pastimes.

This turning point is the birth of your True-Self searching the depths of your personality to find your Purpose. It stimulates your newfound yearning for growth. On this journey, you will find that sometimes you will stumble upon something which initially looks promising. You will find yourself excited about its prospects for weeks, or even months as you investigate. You will wonder if you have found your true Purpose, the feeling will fade once you find a new interest which seems to possess a more compelling Truth, and the cycle will repeat. This is completely normal and to be expected. Embrace the present, and one day you will venture down a fulfilling path of which you will never tire.

"Even if you should be the most
Sinful among all the sinful,
Yet you would cross over all sin
By the raft of knowledge alone.

As fire reduces wood to ash,
In the same way, O Arjuna,
The fire of knowledge does reduce
To ashes all karma–know this."

- Bhagavad Gita—Chapter Four

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