The 7 major reasons why businesses and teams under perform and fail to fulfill their true potential include;

1) From inception, the business and employees do not design a clear vision of what Success looks or feels like, which means they do not have clear, definitive outcomes collectively as an organization and individually within each role,

2) The allocation of roles within the business is often non strength / talent dependent, which means people are working out of the their natural flow and therefore tasks are resisted or performed ineffectively,

3) The employees do not have a strategic plan or road map to achieve the Business Success which means, that they do not know what to perform, when to perform it and even why they are performing it,

4) The employees have personal resistance to achieving the Business Success, which means they will sabotage the business vision before they even start,

5) The business and the employees are not kept accountable to their strategic plan with regular evaluation (either by their manager or by themselves), which means there is less focused attention on the desired outcome, more time and energy wasted and lower commitment from the employees,

6) There is no structured system for open, honest and neutral communication, which means managers and employees feel unheard or misunderstood and therefore suppress the sharing of their ideas and talents and finally…

7) The employees do not feel recognized and / or rewarded for their contribution which means they feel under valued and become disengaged and / or disenchanted by the vision of the business.

When the client addresses these key areas, the employees respond positively and the business begins to produce some powerful results with a lot less effort.

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I look forward to supporting your simple, balanced and fulfilling life of EASE.

Andrew McCombe

Author's Bio: 

Hi there, my name is Andrew McCombe and I am the Owner and Managing Director of Activate Your Life.

In 1997 (at the age of 21), I moved to Australia, from New Zealand with a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) Degree from the University of Otago to pursue my dream of representing my country at the 2000 Olympics in the sport of Beach Volleyball.

To cut a long story short, I needed to self fund my beach volleyball career and so I decided to use my formal qualifications and my passion for health, fitness and wellbeing to set up a personal training studio in beautiful Manly. Very soon my beach volleyball career was put on hold as my business had quickly grown to owning and managing three health clubs in Sydney.

Looking back I not only realized that I had a real passion and talent for creating and growing businesses, but that I had also uncovered my true passion and purpose of empowering individuals, teams, businesses and organizations to experience EASE in their Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career and/or Business in a simple, balanced and fulfilling manner.

I now project the Activate Your Life message in the following ways:
I am a Life, Business and High Performance Coach which I combine with my expertise as an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner.
I regularly facilitate Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career and Business Workshops and Retreats.
I am the author and self publisher of the Activate Your Life book and the on-going Activate Your Life book series.
I regularly contribute to a number of Australasia's largest publications, including Mens' Style, 50's Lifestyle, Femme Fitness, NZ Fitness, Beauty NZ, That's Life, Vogue, Cleo, Who Weekly, Marie Claire, Universal Wellbeing and the Blackmores newsletter etc.
I am (or have been) an ambassador for Grand United Corporate Health Insurance, National Australia Bank’s AdvantEdge Program, the Telstra My Rewards Program and the Your Health Integrative Medicine Centres.
Today I live the life that I designed for myself many years ago. I spend half of my day playing beach volleyball and I spend the other half of my day empowering thousands of other people to be the best they can be in their personal and professional lives, through the Activate Your Life vehicle. My weekends are free to do whatever I want and invariably they are spent presenting retreats, studying, hanging out on the beach or just relaxing with friends and family at my wife and I's cafe.

I believe…

"You have been given a gift. It is called life and with this gift you have been given all of the talents, all of the knowledge and all of the power to create whatever it is you want to create on this planet. Regardless of what shape or form this gift comes in for you, you owe it to yourself to go out there and be the best possible person you can be at whatever you want to be, do and have with the gift that you have been given and see what an amazing life you can create for yourself from the inside out."

I am passionate about supporting you to design and build your ideal life business and / or high performance team, so if you are committed to living your life of EASE, then I look forward to supporting you to make it a reality.

Feel free to contact me on the phone number or email address below.

Here's to living a simple, balanced and fulfilling life of EASE.

Andrew McCombe

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