Are you effectively developing your organization? Do the goals of your employees integrate well with the overall goals of your company? Do you have a strong system in place to take advantage of the rapid changes in the business world?

One way to make sure that you are developing your overall organization is to use the following 4 Steps to Organizational Development:

Step 1 - Define why the organization exists

Define your purpose, mission, and vision for your company. Make sure that the employees have input.

Step 2 - Get the employees and the company on the same page

Design a plan to align the goals of your employees with the overall goals of your company.

Step 3 - Implement your plan

Provide skills training, improve customer focus, raise company standards, and remove all barriers to success.

Step 4 - Continually assess and evaluate

Measure your success and integrate changes and improvements over time.

If you follow this 4 step process, you will have a top notch organization that will be the envy of your competition!

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Tom Kelly is a Profession Business Coach that specializes in working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. He can be reached at (773) 907-0921, or at .

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