I'm just too BUSY to workout today!!!

....I have a million things to do
....I slept in today
....its too cold
....I don't feel like it
....my kids won't let me workout
...I just don't have time

As a Busy Moms Fat Loss coach I truly have heard it all....and I am here to prove you DO have time to get a super fast workout in...even if it is just 5 minutes!

You ALL know the benefits or working out...and the benefits of staying consistent...well regardless of what the day hold....you DO have 5 minutes for you.

And to prove it... I filmed myself performing a tabata based workout on Valentine's Day for the Fit Yummy Mummy's ....JUST to show you it can be done.

Despite my crazy busy schedule for today, well looking ahead...this entire weekend - with coaching calls, the first ever IYCA Live Event in Louisville, out of town guests coming to stay...cleaning the house, managing my online businesses - finding time hang out with Tyler before he leaves to spend time with his Dad for the weekend....Enough to make anyone's head spin - I am STILL able to FIND the time for a mere 5 minutes for me!

I took the Valentine's day workout and performed it right here in my basement -next to my desk.

Now it is your turn!

This type of workout....known as Tabatas....is super challenging. If you are new to working our or new to intervals, please Consult your physician before you begin. Once all is good, start out at an intensity that is appropriate to your fitness level.

What I am sharing with you is a 4 minute tabata sequence.

- You will alternate between 20 s of work and 10 s of rest
- You will perform this 30 s interval 8x for 4 total minutes

I chose to alternate between DB swings and Mountain Climbers...working at an intensity that matches my fitness level.

While this is just some fun music I added to make the video more interesting, I did workout to a soundtrack that times the 10 and 20 second intervals for me. if you are interested in a downloading a sample of this soundtrack, I have one waiting for you at ClubFYM.com.

Tell me more about Tabatas!

Everybody’s got at least 5 minutes!

As busy moms, there will be days when we simply do not have enough time for a full 15 to 30-minute workout. Therefore the typical approach we take is to just skip the workout altogether mistakenly believing that no significant results can occur in less time anyways.

This could not be further from the truth! Well get ready for Tabatas - 4 minutes of high-intensity interval training, featuring the breakthrough Tabata Protocol that Japanese scientists used to compare the effects of only 4 minutes of high-intensity interval training to a slow, long 60-minute steady-state aerobic alternative. They found greater fat loss and greater improvements in overall conditioning with the following 4-minute interval routine versus the full hour of aerobics!

It’s not about time...
It's not about how many calories a machine "says" you burned…


The Top 4 Body Weight Tabata Exercises

No special equipment needed for this type of workout.
As you see in my video above, all I used is a dumbbell.
Don't even have that?

Try out a body weight circuit.
Choose either one exercise below and perform it for the full duration of your workout OR feel free to switch to different exercises from round to round to mix things up and get a little more variety:

1.) Running in Place
2.) Jumping Jacks

3.) Burpees
4.) Squats

Note- Feel free to perform this protocol with any mode of cardio exercise (e.g. outdoor/treadmill running, cycling, etc.).

How to Use Tabatas

Perform this method of cardio workouts only on days:

- When you truly have NO TIME for the prescribed full-length 10 to 15 minute Fit Yummy Mummy Interval workouts.

- For an extra metabolic boost during the day to accelerate fat loss (immediately in the morning or 4-6 hours before/after your main workout of the day)

- Before a “free meal” to serve as a bit of damage control so that your body is primed to use the extra calories from this meal for muscle growth and recovery while minimizing fat-storage (don’t push this too far - this is not an excuse to go hog-wild!)

Note: This is an intense workout.
Your body will need to recover like any other challenging workout.
This is just an example of a routine you can perform based on the above variables.

So.....No time??

No Excuses!

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Holly Rigsby America's #1 Busy Mom Fat Loss Expert, ACE certified personal trainer, author of FitYummyMummy.com, a 16 Week Lifestyle System for Busy Moms, helping moms burn the baby fat and get their body back in just 90 minutes a week. Holly is also founder of ClubFYM.com ~ The Support Community where Moms can get connected, feel supported and successfully transform their bodies and their lives.