The movie The Secret was created by a woman with a vision and a mission. But what happens when the purpose of the movie is somehow misinterpreted or distorted?

This article will reveal the secret behind the secret. Not so long ago an angel by the name of Rhonda Byrne had a vision while dealing with some of her most challenging times. She was inspired to create a movie that would give people the inspiration and hope that would help them reclaim their power by bringing the awareness of how they create their reality. A movie, which have helped transform the lives of many worldwide based on what the authors and teachers on the movie refer to as "the law of attraction."

Then something interesting began to happen. "The Law of attraction" began to take a life of it's own, to where self-help teachers began to talk about it as if that is the answer to people's seeming challenges.

However, there is a flaw. And that is the fact that these law of attraction tools DO NOT work consistently. They sometimes work to a certain extent of course, yet most of the time they do not. And why is that? Simple. Before doing so however the premise behind these tools is that in order for you to get what you want you have to know what that is.

First, most people do not know what they want. Most people know what they THINK they want, but in reality they don't. And to be more precise, NONE of us, including me, do not know what we want because as we evolve in consciousness of course, so is our desires. Therefore, that which people think they want is what they believe is going to bring them happiness or whatever illusionary things they'll think they will receive as a result of attracting any particular goal.

In reality what they are chasing, is not based on what they want, it is based on what the mass marketers are making them believe they should want or that is going to make them happy. And there are two big ones. First MONEY, and the second one, not as strong as the first one but also pretty high on the list, HEALTH. For the sake of this article, let's stay with money.

Self-help teachers, well meaning for the most part, although I can't generalize, make people believe that if they have a million dollars THEN they can do what they want. Or if they can achieve financial freedom THEN they can pursue their dreams. If they have the Mercedes Benz THEN they'll feel worthy. If they get the relationship, the mansion, the boats, the toys, the lifestyle, etc., THEN they will live the life of their dreams, when in reality all that we want is to have a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

And how will that show up is very unique for everyone. It has nothing to do with attracting whatever it is we think we want. It has to do with surrendering to our higher calling. But how can we do that using the law of attraction?

The truth is, we cannot. Because the law of attraction implies CONTROL. This; "It has to be my way" attitude is the one that has people investing in courses and seminars that lead them NOT to financial freedom but to disappointment and credit card debt.

And by the way, this is not a judgment, it's an observation. Do not take my word for it, just look at all the products and seminars you have invested in and really be honest with yourself. I am not talking about the seminars or teachers you were internally guided to study with. I am talking about all these seminars and products you have invested in, just like I have, thinking that by using their program(s), business model, whatever the case may be, you can make all the money you want.

How many real estate seminars you have bought when in reality real estate have nothing to do with your passion? How about multi-level marketing products that have nothing to do with what you love to do but if you work hard and do what it takes you can then have all the money you want? How about all these instructional money making videos and CDs and tapes you have bought, what do they have in common? They are sitting on your shelves collecting dust aren't' they? I know I have given mine away to the Salvation Army. Not because they are worthless but because I bought them for the wrong reasons.

So is there any truth in the movie the secret? Absolutely! The key is to understand that the teachers in that movie, which I have a lot of love and appreciation for their contribution, they are not applying the law of attraction using willpower but as they are "internally guided."

They are all doing what they love! So if you want to try to apply the law of attraction in order to manifest the ferrari or mansion using willpower you'll probably be very disappointed and exhausted. Because forcing something to happen based on ego is not only extremely hard and goes against universal principles, it also produces very negative side-effects such as high blood pressure, heart attacks just to name a few, as well as all sorts of physical imbalances derived from the amount of mental, emotional and physical stress you are placing upon yourself.

So how can we get what we really want? How can we manifest our dreams? How can we experience happiness, fulfillment, joy, health, peace, abundance, how, how, how?

Very simple! By listening. But listening to whom you may ask? To YOURSELF! Yes, to your heart. Here is how it works!

There is the law of attraction ruled by your lower self, your ego. And there is the law of Higher action ruled by your Higher-Self, your God, or Spirit nature, whatever you want to call that Creator.

On the lower phase some of these tools are, visualization, creating the feeling to attract, goal setting and so on.

In the highest phase, meaning when you apply the law of Higher action, visualization is replaced by visioning. Manufactured feelings are replaced by inspiration. Goals are replaced by spontaneous right action.

The lower phase law of attraction leads to hard work, struggle, which carry very negative consequences as I have already mentioned.

The Higher phase law leads to effortless accomplishments, fulfilled life and divine right action. And within that law you manifest EVERYTHING you want. Because that which will bring happiness, joy, fulfillment, health, abundance, wealth and everything in between is inherent in the desire that spring forth naturally from our heat's desires. Not our ego desires, but from the actions we are naturally guided to take.

Those actions could be physical or just mental. Sometimes we manifest through action, sometimes through intention, and sometimes through a combination of both. The key is, being guided as opposed to trying to make anything happen.

That guidance I am talking about does not require visualization because the images that will fill our mind will naturally show up in our awareness without any effort on our part as opposed to the hard work on trying to visualize something out of mere willpower.

As a result of the images that naturally rises in our consciousness, a feeling is naturally generated therefore attracting and/or leading us to spontaneous right action as opposed to the manufactured feelings we try SO HARD to generate in order to create the things we think we want.

And that happens because when people try to force an outcome using all these manipulative tools, if that which they are trying to manufacture is not in alignment with either their higher purpose or the Spirit divine plan for them, they will spend their whole life chasing the next best thing without experiencing any significant results.

Why? Because most people are too busy listening to everyone out there as opposed to that little voice within their heart that is saying "Trust Me."

That is the same voice Alanis Morissette listened to when she created her best selling album Jagged Little Pill. That is the same voice that Pink Floyd listened to when they created their world record selling album Dark Side Of The Moon. That is the little voice Neale Donald Walsch listened to when he wrote Conversations With God. That is the same little voice that J. K. Rolling listened to when she wrote her first Harry Potter book. That is the same little voice Richard Branson listens to when he creates a new business venture. That is the same little voice I listened to when I created my Manifesting Miracles Course at

That is the same little voice Rhonda Byrne listened to when she created the movie The Secret. And that is the same little voice that is trying so hard to get your attention but it can't if you are to busy listening to everyone else out there.

When you listen to that voice within yourself, you'll understand the true meaning of; "Seek you first the kingdom of heaven and it's righteousness and all of these things will be added on to you." Or as our beloved Marianne Williamson once said; "Seek you first the kingdom of heaven and it's righteousness and the Rolls Royce will show up when it's supposed to."

If you really want to manifest your dreams, all you have to do is listen.

Listen to who?

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