We’ve all dealt with haters. “Haters”, as we know them are success-haters: those who resent you for what you have accomplished or are trying to accomplish. It becomes obvious after a point: not all haters are created equally. Different haters hate on you differently, for different reasons and thus must be handled differently. Before you can learn how to handle the assaults of haters, you must understand who you are really dealing with (yes, there are actually different TYPES of haters… all haters are not created equally).

To make things simple, haters can typically be classified based on two factors:

a) How strong their desire is to damage you and put a halt to your success or smother the flame of your ambition.
b) How effective and cunning their tactics are in actually accomplishing their intended purpose (which may include deterring you, stopping you, damaging your confidence or making you feel guilty for succeeding).

In other words; how much they want to stop you and how effective they are at actually doing so.

The illustration shows the placement of different haters within this spectrum. View it at:

Quadrant I – Friend – Here, at the very bottom left corner of the spectrum, you will find your real friends and true supports; your comrades in the fight for getting what you want out of Life. Anyone that you associate with regularly (from a business or social standpoint) should clearly lie in this quadrant. These people have absolutely no desire to harm you on your path to success (factor a) and likewise should never have to demonstrate their skill (factor b).

Quadrant II – Incompetent Hater – Here, at the top left corner, you will find haters at the bottom of intelligence scale. Generally, these are individuals who had no did not complete their GED, avoid learning new knowledge at all costs (in order to maintain their “coolness”) and love to talk smack to you. Typically they can only compile a few very basic insults, which should have little effect on deterring you since they tend to be so comically primitive. These haters are the easiest to deal with and can actually provide comical relief.

Quadrant III – Mom – Here, at the far bottom right corner, you will find people who are close to you, yet still want to deter you from doing what you’ve set out to do, in the form of “trapping” (explained in How Haters Help). They have no desire to inflict damage upon you or hinder you in your path to success and only want to save you from disappointment. As a result, they will use cunning techniques to stop you from continuing (which are usually disguised as something else, since they really care about and do not want to hurt you).

Quadrant IV – Veteran Hater – Here, at the top right corner, you will find the most damaging haters; ones not to be trifled with. These are the “veteran” haters that have both the desire and the skills required to effectively damage you in your path to success. They have spent a long time ‘hating” on go-getters and know what works and does not. These are the people who are “existentially tormented” (as explained in How Haters Help) by witnessing success and have dedicated their lives to bringing down successful individuals. Out of all the haters, they require the most skill to deal with. These are the types of haters which truly successful people have had to deal with the most.

Now that you understand the four main types of “haters”, you are one step closer to learning how to beat them. Although everyone deals with haters, virtually nothing has been written about them - until now. How Haters Help is a completely free book for everyone – it provides valuable insight on all things Hater-related (which is much more than you may think) and ultimately how to get exactly what you want out of Life. Download the book for free at: http://www.HowHatersHelp.com/

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