I am probably the only passenger aboard this airplane with a human skull in his luggage as I return to the Houston area from Portland, Oregon. Why am I involved in the interstate transport of such an unusual article? It is my job to teach doctors something that they never learned in school about how the body works. This past weekend I did 2 presentations for professional groups about Bio Cranial Therapy: a radical and advanced natural healing approach developed by an osteopathic physician from Ireland. Dr. Robert Boyd has developed a unique hands-on method for correcting many ills and imbalances in living people by restoring normal motion and shape to the cranial or skull bones. People travel to Ireland from around the globe for help with fibromyalgia, sciatica, knee pain, diabetes, migraines, allergies, TMJ (jaw) problems, ADD anxiety and other problems that seem to originate in some other body part, or in the mind. This trademarked and patented work that focuses on skull is distinct from Upledger's Craniosacral Technique and other cranial methods.

Wait a minute. The bones of the head don't move, do they? Actually the 22 cranial bones (not counting the lower jaw and the tiny bones of the inner ear) are designed to move throughout life. This rhythmic movement is minute, but vital. It has a lot to do with the pumping of cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes and nourishes the brain. William Garner Sutherland, D.O. reasoned back in 1905 that the individual bones of the skull stay separate throughout life because of this movement, which he dubbed, "the Primary Respiratory Mechanism." "Respiratory," as it is used here means "expanding and contracting" and does not refer to breathing.

According to Dr. Boyd, the shape and alignment of the skull bones is the biggest determining factor in our structural integrity. And structure, in turn, has a profound effect on function. When a trained Bio Cranial Practitioner performs the proper corrective procedure to the person's head, the spine realigns itself internally and spinally. As someone who graduated from chiropractic college over 25 years ago, it is marvelous to watch a patient's scoliosis correct itself and watch the pelvis untorque before my eyes after they receive this treatment. Patients report relief from chronic conditions including both musculoskeletal pains such as hip pain and plantar fasciitis, and internal concerns ranging from menstrual problems to indigestion. It is gratifying to participate in helping people diminish their dependency on medications. Bio Cranial Therapy has also helped people with post-surgical pain.

A board certified orthopedic surgeon recently took the training in Bio Cranial after he received tremendous help with numerous personal health issues. He then invited the doctor who worked on him to treat 20 of his medical colleagues, and 50 patients that he labeled "medical and chiropractic failures." This surgeon routinely sent his patients to chiropractors prior to seeing them himself, hoping that they would respond to this more conservative and natural approach and avoid surgery. These patients did not respond. All, however, experienced significant improvement from the Bio Cranial work! Now this doctor and some of his enthusiastic colleagues are conducting research using the latest high tech approaches to document the exciting changes taking place in peoples' lives. His practice and life have changed remarkably.

Many people without serious physical limitations like to receive this work because it also helps with mental clarity, strength, energy, and flexibility. Many of my own patients have been dancers, yoga students, martial artists and athletes who have been looking for a performance edge. College students come in to see me before an important exam so that they will think and remember better. Meditators have reported more comfort when sitting, as well as a more relaxed inner state conducive to great meditations.

Why does the human cranium typically need to be worked on? Obviously after a head injury, even a minor one, bones that typically move in the hundreths-of-an-inch range may become jammed and stuck. After prolonged dental procedures or facial cosmetic surgery, it is also a good idea to "have one's head examined." Many cranial bone imbalances actually originate much earlier in life when the head is subjected to mechanical pressures during the birth process. These events are often traumatic to a baby's structure, and could be the subject of another whole article.

s Bio Cranial Therapy safe for everyone? This 3 minute procedure is safe for almost anyone, unless they have a fresh fracture of the skull or neck. I have personally given Bio Cranial corrections to patients from 2 months old through the mid ninety's. Some of these patients have had bulging discs in the neck, multiple carotid artery surgeries, cardiac pacemakers, bone fusions, and metal plates in their heads. While it would be unethical, illegal and potentially misleading to say that Bio Cranial cures specific diseases, Bio Cranial practitioners will typically work with patients who may incidentally have any type of physical illness or complaint. The procedure is designed to be safe for all, and the training program and certification examination are rigorous. The obligatory disclaimer would be to recommend that the reader consult his/her physician about any new or ongoing health conditions and not to construe this article to constitute medical advice.

Indigo Sun is one of the first publications in America outside of professional journals to publish an article on this groundbreaking work. The healing potential of this approach can revolutionize your capacity for self-healing.

There are approximately 200 Certified Bio Cranial Practitioners in the world. The training program is open to primary healing arts practitioners. Our membership includes chiropractors, osteopaths, MD's and other licensed healers. The website for the Bio Cranial Institute is divided into 2 areas: one for patients and one for practitioners. My own website, http://www.drstuart.net has some additional information about The Bio Cranial System and about my practice.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Stuart C. Marmorstein is a Senior Instructor for the Bio Cranial Institute. A 1979 graduate of the Texas Chiropractic College, he has taught postgraduate classes for healing arts practitioners for 30 years. He is a member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners. Dr. Marmorstein lives and practices in Houston, TX. His website is www.drstuart.net.