There are times when we choose to settle our minds, go within, and listen to our soul's guidance. However, the path is not always a clear one, and we may be unsure of how to arrive at the destination. Confusion, impatience, or distractions may cloud the way.

Similarly, when embarking on a labyrinth journey, it may initially look complicated or intimidating. We might associate its maze-like appearance with obstacles, blockages, or dead ends of false hope.

After taking my first labyrinth journey, I learned that there are stages of the walk, and methods that may greatly enhance the experience. These same practices, when applied to an inner journey, can lead to greater enlightenment.

Entering the labyrinth; beginning your inner journey.
This is a time for clearing and releasing - a time to release expectations for the outcome. Going in, allow yourself the liberation to simply "be". Be who you are and feel what you feel. Be present in the moment. As you venture the winding path, thoughts may come and go. Let them go by, as well as any negative distractions. Feel gratitude for the opportunity of taking the journey. Keep an open heart and quiet mind, as you walk through a process of inspiration.

Take comfort in the fact that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to experience your process. It will unfold naturally, in the way that best serves you. There is only one path leading to, and from, the center. One path to truth. With patience and persistence, if we follow with faith, the destination is assured.

Arriving at the center of the labyrinth; arriving at our inner center.
This is a time for receiving and illumination. When you arrive, stop to rest and receive. As William Wordsworth said, "Rest and be thankful." Embrace the stillness of the moment and stay as long as you need to. How you invest in this sacred time is your choice. You might sit or stand quietly, meditate, or pray. Listen with gratitude to what your heart and soul longs to say and have heard. Allow yourself the opportunity to receive guidance and illumination.

Leaving the center of the labyrinth; returning to self.
Just like leaving the labyrinth, leave your center in the same manner in which you came - peaceful, open, and present. Upon return, you may feel strengthened and renewed. With greater clarity, you become more empowered to honor your soul's calling.

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