Embracing life's most difficult moments
New challenges erupt, new skills unfold,
Change is the only thing that never changes
Truly life flows best when we adjust to it.

Passing through one stage to another
Sometimes takes a gentle shove,
Difficult times can only get better
when transformation occurs with love.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for positive transformations.
An alcoholic joins AA and recovers from
an addiction,
A shy child accepts the lead role in a school play.
Helen Keller is the perfect example
Of the seeds of greatness just waiting to emerge.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for highs and lows.
Dips into valleys precede the experience
Of reaching a peak every once in awhile,
It's impossible to live only on the peaks,
And great to know there's value in the valleys.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for Twelve Step programs.
Sometimes it's difficult to move beyond denial,
We wish we could go back and make some changes,
For those that have hurt you, there are others to help them,
Take no time for pity, waste not one more minute!

I AM SO GRATEFUL for taking the iniative to apologize.
When I've been hurtful, I say I'm sorry,
Forgiving daily is a beneficial practice,
I like myself more after the air has been cleared,
And feel much better for being honest.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for a positive result.
Knowing that defeat is only adversity
Serving as a challenge to elicit grater effort,
Developing wits and moving forward,
Flexibility and strength are gained through struggle.

Author's Bio: 

Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh are the authors of "Gratitude Works: OPen Your Heart to Love," an inspirational book that helps readers access the healing power of gratitude, and the e-books "Gratitude Works Journal" and "Gratitude Works Prayer Book." Their mission is to touch lives with the spirit of gratitude.