First, I want to point out that the opinions expressed in this article are not those of John Edwards and John Edwards is not associated with this article in any way. The information expressed in this article is strictly that of the author.

If you feel that you have a ghost or spirit in your home or business, it is not a good idea to try to get rid of the spirit yourself. You could end up making them angrier.

When I was 21, before cell phones, I was living in Kings Park, Michigan, in a two-story, two family house that was built in the late 1800’s. A murder occurred in the 1930’s wherein the husband shot his wife and then shot himself. I lived downstairs and a couple lived above me. Shortly after moving in, dishes would fall out of my cabinets. I would come home (I was the only one living in my space) to find toilet paper or paper towels shredded in my living room. Also, my neighbor and I discovered that only one of us could be using the stove or television at the same time time. Note: our stoves were gas and the televisions were electric and we each had our own meters.

Since I have been channeling St. Peter from the time I was three years of age, I got still and asked him why these things were happening. He told me that I needed to find out the history of the house and that there were people who had not left the earth plane. I checked with a local newspaper and found out that there had been a murder.

It was at this point in time that I was introduced to the Archangel Michael. I was given the information as to how to “clean” the house I was living in by St. Peter and the Archangel Michael. Note, I did the clearing as instructed and was successful. About six months later, the house was condemned by the town to make way for a shopping center and the couple above me and myself were forced to move and we went our separate ways.

In order to perform “house clearings” or “house cleanings,” there are very specific steps one must adhere to. Each person may have their own way of performing a clearing or cleaning, but some elements, I believe, are standard: you must be connected spiritually, you must be psychically protected, you must know how to speak with the souls who are still on the planet, you must be able to discern the darker souls and be strong enough to deal with them.

Some spirits like to stay on the earth plane. In a town near Sedona, Arizona, called Clarksdale, which is an old mining town, some people can actually see and speak with the ghosts who, at one time, inhabited the town. These souls do not want to leave and are very happy and so are the tourists who come to check out the “so-called” ghosts.

I believe that every person on the earth plane has a special gift, talent, skill and/or purpose. The problem is that not everyone is utilizing their special gifts, talents and/or skills and many persons are not even aware of what their purpose is on the planet. Do you know your life’s purpose?

The reason that the John Edward’s and Sylvia Brown’s of this world do not do house clearings is simple. It is not their purpose to do house clearings. I believe their purpose on the earth plane is to bring awareness to the masses about spirituality and metaphysics and to be able to heal people and relationships on a wide scale.

Each of us has a special talent. If you do need to clear your home or if you feel you are being attached on a psychic level, then you should seek the assistance of a professional. It is not a wise thing to do by yourself. I like to use the phrase: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR ON YOUR OWN. CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL TO DO THIS FOR YOU.

If you are reading this article and you want to learn more about spiritual house clearings or cleanings, then I suggest that you study with a person or teacher who is experienced. What you don’t know may hurt you.

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Diana Moore is a certified hypnotherapist, Pyschic, Reiki Master, EMF Practitioner, Originator of the Light Class and Consciousness Counseling, Co-Founder of the Foundation of Metaphysical Science and who has also studied with all persons associated with the movie, THE SECRET.