Safe plays us when we play it.

The economic conditions of today are bleak for many and brilliant for others. These outlooks are based largely on two factors: preparation and persistence. For the prepared this is a dynamic time of opportunity, options, and unusual optimism. With traditional economic avenues declining the market is amenable to change. The public likewise is hungry for economic alternatives. Corporate culture is also evolving. Profits are down and problems are up. Morale is low and investments are lagging. Solutions once feasible when things flourished are now rejected because of their high costs and low returns.
The prepared view this as a time to step in and offer options less costly and complex. This like no other is truly the age of the entrepreneur. Through the prophet Joel, God promised to “pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.” (Joel 2:28) The result of this deluge would produce dreams and visions universally. This outpouring partly explains the mass exodus of many from corporate America. Preparation coupled with persistence enables these to exploit capitalism; underwriting in route their favorite projects.
Others, however, see this as a time of economic despair. The unemployment rate is climbing, interest rates are fluctuating, and all that remains of optimism is for it to receive a decent burial. While conditions could be better, a little preparation mixed with a lot of persistence will eventually prosper. Moreover many of the economically less fortunate are victims of other people’s visions. In efforts to control costs and increase profits many were laid off, fired, or simply abandoned.
Meanwhile anachronistic skills prevent them from obtaining similar employment and comparable levels of compensation. Despite any economic conditions, however, we have been equipped to prosper. Yet many are buying the grimfaced reports from highly paid newscasters. From multi-million dollar studios, wearing expensive suits, they sell many on economic hopelessness. What a pity!
Sadly many people lack the insight and resolve of the successful. How many, for example, make sumptuous livings correcting the bad debts of others? How many corner car lots sell over-priced cars at outrageous rates to the credit challenged? What about Ebay and Amazon, or YouTube and Face Book? These and others like them have positioned themselves to profit from the problems (and passion) of others. It’s during these times that we need to reassess ourselves. More important, we need to know that success is possible no matter how hostile conditions become. Otherwise circumstances will subdue.

Author's Bio: 

A former trainer with the Dun and Bradstreet Corporation, Joel is a life coach with over 20 years of sales and management experience. He has also authored thirteen books including, Journey Toward Greatness and For Dreamers Only.